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      1. Why do you have so many version ups?

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        We value quality over everything else. Our v2/v3/v4/v∞ are generally for the sake of adding additional polish to things. We pick an anime and stick with it, continuing to improve on our releases as months or years pass by. While we think our very first releases were pretty good, there’s always going to be room for improving them. Being able to throw out version ups whenever we want and constantly revise things is a big part of why we started our own group, even though we don’t have many people and we’re slower.

        Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika got an entire v2 batch because of a coloring bug in x264 which gave the series a slight purple-ish tint. As of writing this (2012/03/14) every version of Madoka☆Magika has this issue except Elysium’s and our v2 batch. It’s mainly noticeable on grays, and only has any serious weight on a couple of scenes in the series (but it stands out a lot in them). A picture is worth 1,000 words (v1 on the left, v2 on the right):

        Since we were re-encoding the series anyways, we took the chance to make some minor tweaks to the scripts and typesetting for a couple of episodes. Each Drama CD has also been improved, and we scanned the Blu-ray jackets ourselves, to give us higher quality scans than the ones we had before. Overall though, nothing really major changed except the encoding, so we won’t bother with a detailed changelog, but…

        We want to encourage public QC and criticism here, just to see how it’ll go. Tell us everything we did wrong in the v2 batch using this article’s comments. Just remember, our goal isn’t to cater to you. We don’t answer to anyone except the original work itself.

        Our v2 batch doesn’t have any major errors, doesn’t require anymore polish at all, and is an accurate, watchable, high-quality release. If that’s so, why would we try to encourage other people to give us input? Shouldn’t we just be proud of the release and not give a crap what others think? Well, we do think it’s great, and we don’t care what others think of it, but to call it perfect would be foolish. If out of 100 comments, only 2 useful minor suggestions are made that never occurred to us, then we’ll deem this worth it.

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        Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika Notes

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        1. permlink Mar 18, 03:43 AM
          tri4 says:

          These comments will contain spoilers. I'll update this first comment with everything we change. Probably easiest to read this in the Madoka theme. Also, all the script changes are already applied to scripts uploaded here.


          - Colorless scripts have a couple problems (ep2 alpha timed line, ep9 ED). For now you can just grab those scripts here. Colored scripts are fine, and they're cooler anyways.

          - Scans need some minor issues addressed, we should have used .zip instead of .rar, and we need to remove the thumbs.db from Vol2 and Vol3 (whoops). Also we forgot the 4koma translations… Note that these problems aren't present in the bakaBT torrent though, scans are perfectly fine there.

          - Episode title/preview title text. We're going to switch the font to something closer to the original. This might happen for a couple other random signs throughout the series too, but most will stay untouched.

          - Considering a fourth subtitle track with typesetted runes, for fun.


          - 05:39 Conversely, there’s a natural who’d go beyond Kyouko by talent alone, even with no experience at all, if they’d just become a magical girl.”
          -> “they’d” should be “she’d”. The editor/qc actually pointed this out to the translator back in the initial stages, TL’s fault for failing to change it then.


          - 04:17 “Give thanks”
          -> changed this to “Bow”
          – 18:19 “Madoka…”
          -> This shoulda been styled in Sayaka’s color, instead it was in Madoka’s. Derp.


          – 15:00 “Okay.” & 16:20 “Yeah.”
          -> Deleted both of these.
          - "Hooray"s for やった changed to "We did it."
          – 21:33 “I’ll cycle through the same section of time as many times as necessary, searching for the one and only exit.”
          -> Changed this to “I’ll cycle through the same section of time as much as necessary, ...” Just for easier readability.


          - 7:52 “If we could comprehend that, we wouldn’t have bothered to explicitly come all the way to this star, you know.”
          -> "explicitly" changed to "especially"; "... bothered especially coming all ..."

          Sunny Day Life

          - 1:37 "manaage" typo will be fixed (obviously we cannot offer fixed script for DCD2, deal with it).

        2. permlink Mar 20, 10:50 PM
          Anonymous says:


          - 7:52
          >“If we could comprehend that, we wouldn’t have bothered to explicitly come all the way to this star, you know.”

          “惑星” means “planet,” which should have been obvious given that Kyubey was talking about the Earth.

          “わざわざ” is closer to “especially” than “explicitly,” which also makes much more sense in this line. Typo?

          Thanks for your comment!

          惑星(わくせい) does specifically mean planet (and it's in the transcription), but the actual speech there is 星(ほし) which means any sort of light-emitting object in space.

          This was going to be outlined in the extensive notes (which still aren't done yet, sorry), but the decision to use "star" over "planet" was a conscious one - there is a level of ambiguity in the meaning there, but more interestingly we felt like it captured QB's quirky alien-ish speech better. Generally, one would just say 惑星(わくせい) rather than 星(ほし) in that context, so the fact he said hoshi at all felt a bit "off." We wanted to retain that "this wordchoice is a little off" feeling, so that's how we did it.

          Thanks for suggestion on that わざわざ. I agree that "especially" feels better there. Your comments are greatly appreciated! If you have more input on the wakusei/hoshi thing, don't hesitate to say it. Technically it could probably go either way, with "planet" being more clear but "star" retaining some of his quirkiness in a way. Thanks for bringing it up.

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