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      1. Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika Episode 12

        Table of contents:
      2. Episode Summary

        第12話「わたしの、最高のともだち」 Episode 12 「My best friend」


        Taking on Walpurgis Night by herself, Homura is covered in severe wounds。
        No matter how many times she challenges it she can’t out-rival it, since her own deeds are making Madoka suffer she is falling into despair, and her own Soul Gem finished dying black。 In front of that Homura arrives a young girl, Kaname Madoka。 Madoka, gazing at Walpurgis Night with a determined look, declares to Homura。

        「I found the wish I want granted.」

        The girl who has come to understand the entire existence of mahou shoujo and their fate,
        as a result of that what is the wish, what kind of decision has been made?

        Script: Urobuchi Gen // Storyboard: Sasaki Shinsaku // Director: Miyamoto Yukihiro // Animation Director: Taniguchi Jun’ichirō & Takahashi Mika

        Dialogue Notes

        15:59 Mami: “Guided by the Law of Cycles.”
        円環の理(enkan no kotowari – Law of Cycles). If you recall episode 10’s notes, Madoka can be written as 円(round), and this “Law of Cycles” is the fundamental principle on which mahou shoujo are structured in Madoka’s reformed universe (at least, according to Mami-san).
        20:46 Kyubey: “The obstinate miasma is thick tonight, isn’t it? Those evil beasts are springing up one after the other too.”
        つくづく瘴気(tsuduku shouki – obstinate miasma)
        魔獣(majuu – evil/demonic beast)

        I’m just noting these to say that in the future there is a chance of “obstinate miasma” and “evil beasts” becoming main themes of the series (at the time of writing this, the movies are announced but details are scarce). These TLs are literals of the words/characters themselves and are subject to change if a more standardized/sensible translation comes about in the future, if perhaps more details are revealed about these two things.


        10:19-13:16 Runes floating upwards
        As far as I know, these runes are too disjointed to have any meaning.

        23:54 Oshimai
        Puella Magi Madoka Magika
        “The end”

        Illustrated Witch Reference Book

        Type: Witch of Stage Setting
        Nature: Helplessness

        Witch of stage setting。 (Alias・Walpurgis Night / real name unknown) Her nature is powerlessness。 She is the symbol of The Fool who continues to spin around。 A witch who’s enigma has been passed on throughout history。 Popular name・Walpurgis Night。 She will continue to recklessly spin around this world until all of the entire world is turned into a drama。 When the time comes when the doll that is ordinarily placed upside down turns right-side up, she will fly at equal speed as a gale and in a flash the civilizations on the surface of the earth will be knocked over。

        Wikipedia article on what “Walpurgis Night” is in real life.
        Type: Witch of Stage Setting’s minion

        The witch of stage setting’s minion。 That duty is a clown。 A countless number of souls drawn to her intense magical power。 If Walpurgis Night was originally a single someone, or if it was a large gathering of souls that gave birth to an illusion, right now it is not clear。

        End Card

        Illustrator: 蒼樹うめ (Aoki Ume)

        蒼樹うめ先生 the original character designer for Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika. She’s also the mangaka behind ひだまりスケッチ(Hidamari Sketch) which SHAFT has adapted into an anime.

        Also, this end card was removed from the Blu-ray version of the anime, so here’s a screencap from the 1280×720 TV version of the episode:

        Some Words

        Thanks for downloading and watching our release of Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika, and reading these notes. Now that you’re done with the series, I recommend going back and listening to the ED for episodes 1~2, “Mata Ashita.” It is Kaname Madoka’s character song and has new meaning when you finish the series. Personally, I find this show to only improve the more times you watch it, so if you enjoyed then I also recommend starting from the beginning. At the very least, open up episode 4 and watch the scene between Madoka and Homura @ 09:42.

        If you’re interested, our episodes include subtitled audio commentary by some of the staff. Switch to audio/subtitle track 2 to watch them. You can also read my extensive translator’s notes, which explain a bit of translation and analyze some of the series’ writing. KANI OUT.

        - The translator.
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