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      1. Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika Episode 10

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      2. Episode Summary

        第10話「もう誰にも頼らない」 Episode 10 「I won’t depend on anyone anymore」


        It was the scene of a certain young girl’s school transfer。
        Exceeding her mental strain capacity, the young girl was pulling back in a timid manner,
        all of the class’ pupil’s began to shower the single girl with their own gazes, when she was unused to a self-introduction。

        During break time, due to many curious uninvited girls with questions,
        she lost her mental battle and began cowering, but then coming to her was a companion, a girl who called herself the class health officer。
        While facing her with a tender smile, to the girl who felt as if she was losing to her name, she said it was a cool name。

        Because of living in a hospital for a long time, her knowledge and strength are inferior to the other pupil’s,
        so with an inferiority complex she drops her shoulders on the route home, when impulsively she wanders into a majo’s barrier。
        The ones arriving to save the girl from the pinch of a desperate situation, two people who are mahou shoujo。

        Script: Urobuchi Gen // Storyboard: Sasaki Shinsaku // Director: Yase Yuki // Animation Director: Itou Yoshiaki & Shiotsuki Kazuya

        Dialogue Notes

        01:57 Homura: I’m losing to my name.
        ほむら(homura, written in Hiragana) has no meaning. However, 「ほむら」 can be written as 「炎」 which means “flame.” This is an irregular reading that most Japanese people probably don’t know. Because of that, the previous line Madoka says regarding her name is sort of cute: 「何かさ、燃え上がれーって感じでカッコいいと思うなぁ」 “Somehow, you know… it has a feeling of being really fired up, and I think it’s cool!”

        By the way, here are some alternate readings for the other girl’s names:

        ・まどか(Madoka, Hiragana) can be written as 円(round, tranquil).
        ・さやか(Sayaka, Hiragana) can be written as 明か(clear, bright, fresh).
        ・杏子(Kyouko, Kanji) can be written as 強固(firmness, stability, security, strength). Also, the characters that make up her name mean “apricot child.” 杏子 can also be read as あんず(anzu) which means the food apricot.
        ・マミ(Mami, Katakana) can be written as 魔魅(deceiving spirit).


        03:33 Isadel
        10:14 Patricia
        13:11 Oktavia von Seckendorff
        18:19 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
        18:28 Roberta
        20:48 Kriemhild Gretchen

        Illustrated Witch Reference Book

        Type: Witch of Artist
        Nature: Vanity

        Witch of Artist。 Her nature is vanity。 A witch who without a doubt thinks she is a chosen existence。 She wants to show someone her own pieces of work so she actively interferes with humans, however her barrier’s contents are only similar to things you’ve seen somewhere before。 If you want to defeat this witch then take a well-known critic with you。

        Type: Witch of Artist’s minion

        The witch of artist’s minion。 That duty is a piece of work。 Any human who’s life is snatched away by the witch will have their body parts stolen, and added among these。

        Type: Witch of Class Representative
        Nature: Remaining spectator

        Witch of Class President。 Her nature is remaining a spectator。 Using the spider-like thread that she vomited into the sky of her barrier she created a school for only herself where she and other students lead an unchanging ordinary life day after day。If the chime which signals the end of school were to sound then this witch might return to her residence somewhere。。

        Type: Witch of Artist’s minion

        The witch of class representative’s minion。 That duty is a classmate。 The skates they wear on their feet allow them to glide elegantly on the threads but they are each only controlled by the witch manipulating the threads and hold no intentions of their own。。

        Type: Witch of Mermaid
        Nature: Tender Emotion

        Witch of Mermaid。 Her nature is tender emotion。 A witch who continues dreaming of the days where the sound of a guitar reverberated within a concert hall deeply touching her emotions。 The time she repeats within only has very slight but sure differences, the wheels of fate are calmly turning。。

        The runes on her witch card read “Oktavia von Secken Dorff.”
        Type: Witch of Mermaid’s minion

        The witch of mermaid’s minion。 That duty is a backup dancer。 Her existence is only for dancing cheerfully behind the witch。

        Kriemhild Gretchen
        Type: Witch of Salvation
        Nature: Benevolence

        Witch of Salvation。 Her nature is benevolence。 She forcefully sucks all life from this star and guides it into the new heaven(barrier) that she’s created。 To defeat this witch no methods exist except to remove misfortune throughout the entire world。 If sorrow were to be eliminated throughout the entire world this witch would likely have delusions about it being heaven。

        Type: Witch of Birdcage
        Nature: Rage

        Witch of Birdcage。 Her nature is rage。 Inside the cage she continues to stomp her legs directing resentment towards those who did not respond to her。 This witch is highly fond of alcohol and her minions are also very easy to fire up。

        Type: Witch of Birdcage’s minion

        The witch of birdcage’s minion。 That duty is frivolous indiscretion。 The birds who swarm together are idiotic men。 Despite being absolutely good for nothing they attempt to attract her attention by gathering around her feet to woo her。 To the witch they are nothing but an object of disgust。

        End Card

        Illustrator: ムラ黒江 (Mura Kuroe)

        ムラ黒江さん is the mangaka behind the art for 魔法少女おりこ☆マギカ (Mahou Shoujo Oriko☆Magika)
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