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      1. Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika Episode 09

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      2. Episode Summary

        第9話 「そんなの、あたしが許さない」 Episode 9 「I wouldn’t forgive that sort of thing」


        Sayaka’s Soul Gem has changed into a jet black Grief Seed。
        When that Grief Seed changed, a new majo was born。
        Holding Sayaka’s body, preparing to defend against the majo’s imminent attack is a lone Kyouko。
        Homura forced her way into the majo’s barrier, and gives Kyouko guidance to escape the barrier。

        Meanwhile Madoka, in the middle of searching for Sayaka, sees the appearance of Homura and a Kyouko who has a heavy step。 To the Madoka who has broken down crying in the presence of the completely changed appearance of Sayaka, Homura gives a talk about the secret of Soul Gem’s in an indifferent manner, then takes her leave from that place。

        Late on that same night, Kyubey appears at Kyouko’s location。
        Kyouko when speaking to Kyubey about how to return Sayaka’s body back to to its original state, discovers a single thread of possibility in that conversation。
        The next morning, Kyouko calls to Madoka who is on the way to attending school with Hitomi, with an astonishing proposal。

        Script: Urobuchi Gen // Storyboard: Shichishima Noriko // Director: Mukai Masahiro // Animation Director: Katayama Miyuki

        Dialogue Notes

        01:39 Homura: In your current state, you will only get in the way.
        In episode 5’s notes, I point out the 足手纏い(ashimatoi) line as literally being closer to “entwine feet.” It’s the same wording here. It even comes up again later in this episode, @ 21:51 (Kyouko: It’s a principle of yours not to fight alongside those who’ll get in your way, right?).
        12:13 Kyouko: “(After yesterday, today you’re going to do something like casually go to school?)”
        昨日の今日で(ashita no kyou de) means something like “on the today of yesterday // on yesterday’s today.” That is, the “today” is a possession of yesterday. This implies “Yesterday, such events occurred, and on the today of that happening…” We went with a localized TL of “After yesterday” for this, because “The today of yesterday” unfortunately does not make much sense.
        12:27 Kyouko: “(Could I see your face?)”
        There are a couple of things to say about this line. First of all, 顔貸してくれる?(kao kashite kureru?) is more like “Lend me your face.” but I imagine most people would giggle out loud if they read that (I know I did) so it wasn’t working for me.

        Second of all I’d like to point out that this line is a point of reference for Sakura Kyouko’s character. In episode 7, when she calls Sayaka outside to take her to the church, she says: 「ちょいと面貸しな」(Lemme see your mug for a bit) using her normal slangy and disrespectful style of talking. After episode 7 and 8, Kyouko begins to drop some of the rudeness in her speech and talk a little bit more like a normal person. You can read more about this in the extensive notes, but don’t check those until after you finish the series.
        15:51 Kyouko: “A super dreadnought-class big-shot witch.”
        Dreadnought is a class of battleship. You can read about them Wikipedia. Battleships are freaking cool.
        19:52 Kyouko: “This much is just a breeze…”
        Similar to Kyouko’s “Are you sane?” line in ep8, this is also slightly rewritten. It’s actually “This much isn’t even a breeze” but we picked the English equivalent for clarity. Sorry about that.
        11:40 Kyouko’s food

        Kyouko has a lot of food that would’ve been dumb looking if it was typeset in episode. From left to right:

        - あたり(Atari)
        - メロンパン(Melonpan / Melon Bread) soft, thick slices
        - やきそ(yakiso) this is 焼きそばパン(yakisoba pan / yakisoba bread).
        14:47 うまい棒

        This is an うまい棒(umaibo – delicious stick). Umaibou has a Wikipedia article. The text on the bottom of the package reads まろやかでうまいぞ~ (Mild taste is delicious~)


        00:22 Oktavia von Secken Dorff
        (small text):Hope Schicksal Oktavia von Seckendorff
        (small text): Hope Fate Oktavia von Seckendorff
        00:24-01:55 Oktavia von Seckendorff
        Runes displaying the witches name are scattered throughout her barrier.

        00:32 Schicksal Hope
        “Fate Hope”
        16:44 LoVE Me Do\(´3`)/

        Obviously not a rune but I thought it’d be nice to throw this here.
        17:17-18:29 Kyosuke Classic Concert

        Osaka 3/3 25:25
        Tokyo 3/4 25:55

        Con Amore


        “With love”

        The Osaka/Tokyo dates are the date that this episode originally aired on TV.
        17:47 Look at me

        These runes were removed in the BD. On the left is TV, right is BD. It’s sort of funny, because Yuuki Aoi references them on commentary.

        Illustrated Witch Reference Book

        Type: Witch of Mermaid
        Nature: Tender Emotion

        Witch of Mermaid。 Her nature is tender emotion。 Looking for her dream of deeply touching emotions of the old days, this witch moves with a concert hall。 Her fate can only rotate around memories as she can no longer turn towards the future。 She can no longer be reached by anything now。 She can no longer understand anything now。 Now she merely does not allow her minion’s musical performance to be interrupted。

        The runes on her witch card read “Oktavia von Secken Dorff.”
        Type: Witch of Mermaid’s minion

        The witch of dog’s minion。 That duty is musical performance。 For the witch’s sake it continues to play instruments with a blank ochestra。 People who continue to listen to that sound for too long will have their soul pulled out。 This orchestra exists only for the sake of the witch, and to the witch the orchestra is her everything。

        End Card

        Illustrator: なまにくATK (Namaniku Attakai)

        なまにくATKさん is a Nitroplus artist.
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