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      1. Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika Episode 08

        Table of contents:
      2. Episode Summary

        第8話 「あたしって、ほんとバカ」 Episode 8 「I’m… really an idiot.」


        Without regard to her own injuries, merely mangling the witch in front of her eyes is Sayaka。
        Thanks to restorative magic she is unhurt when she obtains victory, and immediately falls into complete exhaustion。

        On that return trip, it begins to rain so to take shelter from the rain they rest inside, where for Madoka who is unable to just watch Sayaka’s exhausted state, talk regarding Sayaka’s fighting style begins to come from her lips。
        The words spoken from Madoka who can only feel things in a clean and beautiful way, make Sayaka’s emotions explode, and she leaves that area。

        She runs out in tears, yet Madoka still does not chase after her――
        Running through the rain, Sayaka cries tears of regret which reflect self-hatred――

        For that girl’s Soul Gem, it is becoming blacker and blacker with impurity。

        Script: Urobuchi Gen // Storyboard: Omata Shin’ichi // Director: Kawabata Takashi // Animation Director: Matsumoto Tomoyuki & Kondou Yuuji

        Dialogue Notes

        06:20 Kyouko: “Neither of us could be called anything like a trustworthy manga hero, but y’know…”
        しろ(shiro – white, written in hiragana) is manga related slang that means “good guy.” “White” and “good guy” both dropped the idea of it being manga related slang, so we did “manga hero.”
        06:32 Kyouko: “Why are you showing your face around here? You…”
        This is a localized translation. どの面下げて出てきやがった(dono tsura agete deteki yagatta) actually means something like “What kind of face did you work up to come out?” but it just wasn’t feeling right. Also note that she says テメェ(temee – you) on the end here.
        12:57 Kyouko: “Are you insane?”
        This line is rewritten. 正気かテメェは(shouki ka temee wa) means “Are you(テメェ/temee) sane?” But that read weirdly, so we changed “sane” to “insane.” Truly sorry.
        14:27 Host A: “Ojou-chan, are you a middle school student?”
        お嬢ちゃん(Ojou-chan) is a respectful way to refer to a young lady.
        16:59 Kyubey: Madoka, if you desire it, you may be able to become an omnipotent god.
        神(kami) being reflected as “god” is a pretty debatable translation. In most cases we’d leave it as “kami,” but we didn’t want to break immersion in this series for people who didn’t know what “kami” meant, so we picked this standard localization + noting it. That’s largely because the actual implications of kami vs god are not immediately important to the series, but you should definitely still know them.

        We could explain the term, but Wikipedia already does it pretty well. I’ll just explain that we translate 神(kami) as “god” which sort of implies “any kami/god out of possibly many,” where as 神様(kami-sama) would be a reference to a single “Kami/God.”
        22:11 Kyubey: “In this country, women in the middle of growing to adulthood are called ‘girls,’ right? Well then, for those of you who will become witches before long… You should be called ‘magical girls,’ shouldn’t you?”
        This dialogue calls for an in-episode TL note which we think explains everything clearly, but some of you might want a little bit of additional clarification.

        When he says “are called ‘girls’,” he says 少女(shoujo). 魔法少女(mahou shoujo) is “magical girl.” 魔女(majo) is “witch.” If you look at how “mahou shoujo” and “majo” are written in Japanese, they begin and end with the same characters – 魔(ma) and 女(jo). So “ma-hou shou-jo” becomes just “majo.”

        By the way, a literal translation of the characters that make up “majo” is “evil girl.”


        00:00 Elsa Maria
        21:41 Tempestoso
        21:41 Affettuoso

        Illustrated Witch Reference Book

        Type: Witch of Dog
        Nature: Craving

        Witch of the dog。(Not yet appeared) That nature is crave。 Is a witch with the appearance of a helpless dog with the potential to be loved by any and everyone。 Humans who enter the barrier cannot help but hug this witch in concern。 To defeat this witch show lies of your love。

        Type: Witch of Dog’s minion

        The witch of dog’s minion。 That duty is interior。 Holding absolutely no intentions of their own they are merely rotating mannequins。 If a dog witch is not loved by anyone they are unable to create minions that hold their own intentions。

        End Card

        Illustrator: 藤真拓哉 (Fujima Takuya)
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