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      1. Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika Episode 07

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      2. Episode Summary

        第7話 「本当の気持ちと向き合えますか?」 Episode 7 「Can you face your true feelings?」


        Sayaka knows the reality of your own body when you become mahou shoujo。
        To have a wish you want granted even if it means accepting a fate of battle, the size of compensation for that has shaken her up。

        Arriving at the location of the house which Sayaka is moping inside of, it’s the should-be antagonist Sakura Kyouko。
        The girl brings Sayaka outside, inviting her to a certain abandon church。

        Thereupon from Kyouko’s lips came talk of, the reason that she became a mahou shoujo herself。
        Just as you’d think, the girl’s true intention is――

        Script: Urobuchi Gen // Storyboard: Nishita Masayoshi // Director: Kidokoro Satoaki // Animation Director: Kobayashi Ryou & Kado Tomoaki

        Dialogue Notes

        09:27 Kyouko: “No matter what kind of moral or obvious things he said, to society, he was merely someone who’d take hold of your nose.”
        ただの鼻つまみ者(tada no hana tsumari mono – merely someone who’d take hold of your nose), as you can probably guess by the context, means an annoying/bothersome person. Taking hold of someone’s nose is the fastest way to wake someone up, by the way.
        21:34 Kyouko: ‘Cause I’ll show you how it’s done, all right?
        手本(tehon) is literally “copybook.” So a more literal version of this line would be “‘Cause I’ll show you my copybook, all right?” which does look nice, but combined with the surrounding lines felt quite awkward. It was localized to retain the meaning but not the word choice because we knew we could just note it, and we didn’t want to interrupt an intense scene with an obtrusive feeling word reflection.


        06:22 Homura
        06:43 Sayaka
        09:45 Kyouko
        20:42 Elsa Maria

        Illustrated Witch Reference Book

        Type: Witch of Silver
        Nature: Freedom

        Witch of silver。 That nature is freedom。 Lurks inside a barrier where everything moves rapidly, but the witch itself is extremely dull。 It is unfortunate, but it’s completely unable to use any scientific-style powers。 Formerly its entire body was coated in silver so bright it would dazzle you, but but it has become quite rusty due to gazing at the coastline’s sunset。

        Since there aren’t really any other cuts of Gisela, a screencap of the scene that include runes of its name is featured here. The runes on those clocks just say “Gisela.”
        Type: Witch of Silver’s minion

        The witch of silver’s minion。 That duty is assertion。 The pipes attached to its body are a neighborhood nuisance due to the roar they spread when it moves around like a furious sandstorm。 The thing it hates is magnets。

        Elsa Maria
        Type: Witch of Shadow
        Nature: Self-righteousness

        Witch of shadow。 Her nature is self-righteousness。 A witch who continues to pray for the sake of all beings。 Keeping up her collapsed posture of praying, she drags every and any life equally into her shadow。 To defeat this witch, it won’t happen if you don’t know black anguish。

        Type: Witch of Shadow’s minion

        The witch of shadow’s minion。 That duty is blind belief。 An assembly of lives equally rescued by the witch of shadow。 They seek brothers。

        End Card

        Illustrator: 天杉貴志 (Tensugi Takashi)

        天杉貴志さん is the mangaka behind the art for 魔法少女かずみ☆マギカ ~The innocent malice~ (Mahou Shoujo Kazumi☆Magika ~The innocent malice~)
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