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      1. Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika Episode 05

        Table of contents:
      2. Episode Summary

        第5話 「後悔なんて、あるわけない」 Episode 5 「There’s no way I’d have something like a regret」


        As a mahou shoujo, Sayaka arrived to save Madoka and Hitomi from a witch’s hand。
        Due to the wish granted because of contracting with Kyubey, right now, that heart is refreshed, in a state of having no regrets about becoming a mahou shoujo。
        The opposing Madoka, who Sayaka decided to become a mahou shoujo ahead of, has completely given up on herself and is worried。

        Both of Kyousuke’s parents, physician in charge, and hospital staff gather on the roof of the hospital to congratulate Kyousuke on his hand which has restored and can be opened。
        There, from his father’s hand, his own former favorite violin was passed to him。
        At first there was hesitation, then Kyousuke decided on his feelings to display the violin。
        By the talent of a prodigy which completely hasn’t dwindled, everyone present falls in love when they hear it。
        For Sayaka who saw that scene, supreme delight was being reflected upon。

        On one viewing platform, Sayaka’s movements on that hospital rooftop were being observed by the appearance of Kyouko。

        Script: Urobuchi Gen // Storyboard: Omata Shin’ichi // Director: Majima Takahiro // Animation Director: Honda Mino & Matsumoto Mayuko

        Dialogue Notes

        03:02 Hitomi: “The doctor-sama said it was a group hallucination or something.”
        Yes, this does look a bit weird. It isn’t our fault Hitomi is polite, though. お医者さん(Oishasan) = doctor, but she says お医者様(Oishasama).
        12:47 Homura: “Certainly, it was my miss.”
        ミス(misu – miss) means “failure” or “error” here.
        14:33 Madoka: “Um, you know… I… can’t do anything, and even though I understand that I’ll just get in your way…”
        The “get in your way” part of this is a liberal translation. She says 足手纏い(ashimatoi), which is literally like “entwine feet.”
        19:30 Kyouko: “Hmph! Newbie…”
        トーシロ(tooshiro) is slang that means “rookie.” The origin is something like:

        Shirouto(rookie) -> Shirooto(long “o” instead of “u”) -> (turned around)Tooshiro.

        We really didn’t want to do “eikoor” or something dumb like that, and “rookie” just dropped the slang, so we went with “Newbie” in the end since it seemed to fit.


        16:43-16:49 Anja Wachsmalstift
        “Anja Crayon”

        16:59-17:30 (BD Only) A N J

        The blocks with runes on them that are scattered throughout Anja’s barrier just contain the letters to spell “Anja.”
        17:35 Fin

        Illustrated Witch Reference Book

        Type: Witch of Scribbling
        Nature: Ignorant

        The scribbling witch。 (Not yet appeared) That nature is ignorant。 Loves hides & seek。 However, because none of the witch’s minions are all that clever, no one will search for her。

        Type: Minion (Albertine)

        Scribbling witch’s minion。 That duty is naïvety。 A small lost minion, who strayed from her witch when wrapped up in her dreams while playing by herself。 She can use an ability that transforms humans into balls, and humans who have changed into balls cannot return to their original state until they bounce upon the earth once for every lie they’ve told up until now。

        Anja is voiced by Yuuki Aoi (Kaname Madoka’s seiyuu). VRRRRM BRRR BRRRRRRRRRM

        End Card

        Illustrator: ゆーぽん (Yuupon)

        ゆーぽんさん is an artist from the Nitroplus shounen-ai branch, who also did the art for the novelization of Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika.
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