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      1. Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika Episode 04

        Table of contents:
      2. Episode Summary

        第4話 「奇跡も、魔法も、あるんだよ」 Episode 4 「Miracles and magic do exist」


        The day after Mami and majo’s heroic battle, the same unchanging ordinary life arrives。

        For Madoka and Sayaka who the result of a mahou shoujo’s defeat was shown right before their eyes, the true feeling of being involved the world of magic is too grave, and they give up on becoming mahou shoujo。

        That same day’s evening, Madoka who arrived at Mami’s room which no longer has anyone in it, when returning, at the entrance of the large apartment building she met Homura。

        In the setting sun, the two walk in line。

        When Homura is talking about the reality of the death of mahou shoujo, Madoka interrupts with tender words。

        Script: Urobuchi Gen // Storyboard: Sasaki Shinsaku // Director: Komata Shinchi // Animation Director: Ozeki Miyabi

        Dialogue Notes

        04:01 Tatsuya: “Nee-cha, what’s wrong?”
        I was advised to note this because it looks like a typo. 姉ちゃん(neechan) means “big sister”, but Tatsuya says ちゃ(cha) rather than chan, which is typical of small children.
        06:23 Madoka: “After all this time, I’m asking for too much…”
        今更虫が良すぎだよね(imasara mushi ga yosugi dayo ne – after this long time the bug is too good) has a localized translation here. When we do these kinds of localizations, we’ll point them out in the notes for people who care about the literal translations. This one is a bit tricky, but we interpret this Japanese saying to mean that the speaker is referring to themselves as 虫(mushi – bug) and something like “their own circumstances are too good.” We have seen Japanese people explain it to each other by saying you can take the 中 from the word 自己中(jikochuu – selfishness) and change it into 虫. “Asking for too much” is the standard translation given by most dictionaries.


        18:38 今日は本当に楽しかったねえ、また行きたいね。今度はお弁当持って行こう
        “Today was truly fun you know, let’s go again, okay? Next time [I’ll] bring an obentou.”

        The witch H.N. Elly (Kirsten) says this in backwards-Japanese. Because it’s a “secret message” that you can only get by playing backwards, we put it in runes in the episode, for fun. This isn’t an official rune or anything, just us screwing around because we thought it looked cool.
        18:53 Kirsten
        19:18 Ich will nicht arbeiten
        “I don’t want to work”
        19:18 Ich mag keine Narren
        “I like no fools”
        19:20 Elly

        Elly is Kirsten’s handle name.
        19:22 Kirsten
        19:43 4 3 2 1

        Counts down as it gets closer.

        Illustrated Witch Reference Book

        HN Elly (Kirsten)
        Type: Witch of the Box
        Nature: Yearnful

        Witch of the box。 Her nature is yearnful。 A hardcore hikikomori witch。 Imprisons anything she yearns for inside of glass。 Imprisoning those whose heart is able to be seen through is simple, but those who strike before thinking are a problem。

        HN is an abbreviation for “Handle Name.”
        Minion (HN Elly)
        Type: Box Witch’s Minion

        Box witch’s minion。 Their duty is transportation。 Any object which this subordinate touches will become extremely easy to carry。

        End Card

        Illustrator: 小林尽 (Kobayashi Jin)

        小林尽さん is the mangaka who created スクールランブル(School Rumble) and 夏のあらし!(Natsu no Arashi!), the latter of which SHAFT has adapted into an anime.
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