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      1. Toaru Majutsu no Index II Episode 1

        06:28 Yamasaki Ouma: “Now, to the battlefield.”
        In this line, Mr. Ouma-san says “戦(Ikusa) 場(ba)”. Literally, that means “war place,” and it’s a fairly unique way to say it. However if you combine the two kanji as “戦場,” it produces the more common word “senjou“, which is literally “battlefield.”
        06:42 Index: “If you copy it onto new genkouyoushi paper, it will become usable, you know?”
        Genkouyoushi,” literally “manuscript paper,” is a type of essay paper used commonly by students. If you are truly interested in the specifics of a genkouyoushi, then check out the Wikipedia entry.
        12:10 Index: “Is this… a Kagura stage?”
        Here, Kagura refers to a traditional type of Shintou dance. Today, this style of dance continues to live on mainly out of tradition and for entertainment purposes, however its Shintou roots encompass an extremely large number of dance styles ranging from things like theatrical dances to purification rituals.
        12:15 Yamasaki Ouma: “At the moment, it is more like the grounds for Bon Odori.”
        Mr. Ouma-san, conceding to the fact that his roof decorations are nothing grand like a Kagura stage, likens it instead to a Bon Odori. This literally means “Bon Dance” which is a folk dance style that is meant to welcome spirits of the dead. Today, it is most commonly seen at Obon, a customary Buddhist festival.
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