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      1. Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika Episode 02

        Table of contents:

        Episode Summary

        第2話 「それはとっても嬉しいなって」 Episode 2 「I’d say, “That’s really delightful.“」


        On the way to help Kyubey who was being attacked by Homura, a profoundly mysterious area was wandered into。
        Fallen into the pinch of a desperate situation Madoka and Sayaka were saved by a single mahou shoujo。

        The place those two people were invited to, is the mahou shoujo’s room。

        The conversation is, they are ones who have qualifications to be chosen by Kyubey。
        An existence called mahou shoujo, and an existence called majo。

        There is the chance to be granted any kind of wish, then awaiting afterwards are rigorous missions。
        To the troubled two people, “Would you like to accompany me as I exterminate majo?” is Mami’s proposal。

        Script: Urobuchi Gen // Storyboard: Ashino Yoshiharu // Director: Mukai Masahiro // Animation Director: Takahashi Mika

        Dialogue Notes

        02:25 Madoka: “I was invited to a senpai’s house.”
        先輩(senpai) is a respectful title referring to an upperclassmen, or a senior. For example, if you begin working a new job, the employees who were there before you would be your senpai, as they are more experienced than you. For this line’s context, the localized way to say it would be “upperclassman,” probably. It should be noted that Mami could also be considered their senpai in hunting witches.
        04:03 Sayaka: “Things like gold and silver treasure, perpetual youth, or like a Manchu Han Imperial Feast?”
        The Manchu Han Imperial Feast, aka Qing Han Imperial Feast, aka Feast of Complete Manchu-Han Courses, aka Man Han Quan Xi, was a gigantic Chinese meal intended for emperors, which spanned 3 days and consisted of at least 108 different dishes.
        09:16 Sayaka: “Ugh. The shadow of our gossip.”
        噂をすれば影(uwasa wo sureba kage – shadow of gossip) could be considered the Japanese equivalent of “speak of the devil.” Note that a slightly more literal TL of this might be something like “If you gossip, the shadow [of that gossip comes].”
        19:30 Insert Song
        Once again this episode features “Magia” performed by Kalafina as an insert song. See the episode 1 notes.
        20:44 Mami: I cannot show my future kouhai myself in such an uncool state, can I!?
        A 後輩(kouhai) is the person under a senpai. She’s referring to Madoka and Sayaka here, whom she’s taken “under her wing” by showing them how to fight witches. A kouhai could also be an underclassman. Usually, it’s localized as “junior.” For more about the senpai/kouhai relationship, read the Wikipedia article.
        21:10 Mami: “Tiro・Finale!!”
        ティロ・フィナーレ!!(Tiro・Finale!!, official styling, we added stars too) is the name of Mami-san’s special technique. It’s Italian, and in English translates to “Final Shot.” Something fun to know, is that the attack’s first name was “Filo Finale” (Final Thread), but it was changed to Tiro Finale in the recording room, which resulted in the anime and manga originally using different names.
        —:— Regarding telepathy
        As you may have noticed, we put telepathy into (parentheses). You also have probably noticed that Kyubey doesn’t move his mouth when he talks. Well, it’s been officially stated that Kyubey speaks through telepathy all the time, so technically you might think we should put all of his speech into (parentheses). But, we went based on audio cues; telepathic speech has a slight echo-y effect on it, and so when that is present, that’s when we add parentheses.


        16:29 & 17:59 Goethe’s Faust Quotes

        The German written on the walls in these caps is a quote split up into two parts, from Goethe’s Faust. Here’s the full quote in English:

        Woe! woe!
        Thou hast it destroyed,
        The beautiful world,
        With powerful fist:
        In ruin ’tis hurled,
        By the blow of a demigod shattered!
        The scattered
        Fragments into the Void we carry,
        The beauty perished beyond restoring.
        For the children of men,
        Build it again,
        In thine own bosom build it anew!
        Bid the new career
        With clearer sense,
        And the new songs of cheer
        Be sung thereto!

        18:46 Die blühenden Rosen sollen der Königin sofort geschenkt sein
        “The blooming roses shall be immediately presented as a gift to the queen.”
        19:11 Gertrud
        19:17 Ring quote

        The ring behind Mami has enough text to make out the fact that is a quote from Goethe’s Faust. Here’s the full passage that it is quoting in English:

        Cursed be, at once, the high ambition
        Wherewith the mind itself deludes!
        Cursed be the glare of apparition
        That on the finer sense intrudes!
        Cursed be the lying dream’s impression
        of name, and fame, and laureled brow!
        Cursed, all that flatters as possession,
        As wife and child, as knave and plow!

        19:21 Gertrud
        19:24 1: asmf*(f?)***
        2: h*rueb*gu(g?)i(n?)a
        3: Schneiden
        4: Kein Durchgang!!
        5: Die Rooose!!
        1: ?????
        2: ?????
        3: “Cut”
        4: “No trespassing!!”
        5: “The Rooose!!”

        19:38 Gertrud

        Illustrated Witch Reference Book

        Type: Rose garden witch
        Nature: Unfaithful

        Witch of the rose garden。 Nature is unfaithful。 Values roses above all else。 All of its power is for the sake of beautiful roses。 It snatches away the vitality of humans who get lost inside of its barrier so that it can distribute it to its roses, but it despises the fact that the humans tread upon and destroy the inside of its barrier。

        Here is a screen cap of Gertrud’s Grief Seed, which is decorated with thorns and a butterfly at the top.
        Minion (Gertrud)
        Type: Rose garden witch’s minion
        Nature: Viligant

        Rose garden witch’s minion。 That duty is to vigilantly lookout。 When it finds a human, it sends alert with a sound which is similar to a bell, and then begins to make them eat merciless headbutts。 It’s eyesight is 2.5。 It is possible for the smaller type to transform into rose ivy to hinder intruders。

        End Card

        Illustrator: 氷川へきる (Hikawa Hekiru)

        氷川へきるさん is the mangaka who created ぱにぽに(PaniPoni), which SHAFT has adapted into the anime Pani Poni Dash!
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