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      1. Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika Episode 01

        We recommend reading these notes with the Madoka☆Magika theme enabled.
        You can download these for offline viewing (html files in a zip) here.

        Table of contents:

        Episode Summary

        Episode summaries are translated from the story section of the official site. As you may be able to guess, checking notes for episodes you haven’t seen will contain spoilers.

        第1話 「夢の中で逢った、ような……」 Episode 1 「It was as if [we] met in a dream……」

        She has a loving family, she has friends, at times she laughs, at times she cries, living such a peaceful ordinary life is the second-year middle school student, Kaname Madoka。
        One night, Madoka saw an extremely wonderful and mysterious dream。

        On that day, the same unchanging ordinary life should have arrived――。
        However, what arrived was extraordinary――。

        In a sudden coincidence, Homura had thrown profound language at the bewildered Madoka・・・。

        Script: Urobuchi Gen // Storyboard: Yoshiharu Ashino // Director: Miyamoto Yukihiro // Animation Director: Ebata Ryouma

        Dialogue Notes

        All timings are for our Blu-ray releases. For most TV episodes, add roughly 10 seconds post-OP to accommodate sponsors. Note that since many scenes are completely rebuilt on the BDs, a lot won’t match up on TV anyways.

        00:54 Insert Song
        This song is titled “Magia”, performed by the group Kalafina. It is this show’s ending theme, first appearing as such in episode 3. Our translation is featured there, but here it is for your convenience:

        Someday, the light of love that has lit within your eyes (will pass through time)
        A single dream belonging to the ruined world will certainly (be destroyed, I hope)
        Drinking every last drop of hesitation, what is the thing that you desire?
        Does such a greedy aspiration have course in an evanescent tomorrow?
        Like the ancient magic I saw in my dreams when I was a child,
        I want to meet you, with the power to crush even darkness with a smile
        Inside these frightened hands lies the courage of a plucked flower
        I rely only on my emotions for everything
        The light will awaken the wish.

        02:54 Madoka: “A typical dream ending?”
        What Madoka says here is 夢オチ(yume ochi), and a straight up literal TL of that is closer to “dream punchline?” It’s a title given to stories or scenarios that end in a dream, which is considered a cliché among most Japanese people who appreciate the fine arts.
        05:28 Madoka: “It looks like Sensei is still continuing on.”
        Madoka is referring to her homeroom teacher. Sensei is a title of respect, carrying a meaning that implies something like “someone who has great knowledge which I can learn from.” You can read more about it on the Wikipedia entry for ‘Sensei’.
        08:12 Hitomi: “It’d be nice if that kind of method could be clearly broken down and understood, though…”
        This line has a tendency of confusing people, it seems. The translation itself is okay, but there’s no clear subject – what Hitomi is referring to here is the act of giving love letters.

        I do want to note that the translation is not perfectly literal. 割り切れた(warikireta) means to divide without a remainder, which in Japanese means something close to the TL – “break down and easily understand.”
        10:49 Homura: “A mission school in Tokyo.”
        ミッション系の学校(misshon kei no gakkou – mission style school) is a Christian school.
        12:29 Madoka: “A-Akemi-san?”
        Homura: “Homura would be fine.”
        Akemi Homura tells Kaname Madoka to call her by given name. In Japan, it is considered impolite to call someone by their given name unless you are close to them or have permission.
        14:59 Sayaka: “Kuu~!”
        If it wasn’t obvious as butts, “Kuu!” is just a cute verbal tic Sayaka has. In this context it doesn’t have any meaning other than as an interjection used when frustrated. I put it in the subs so that you didn’t think I was randomly dropping words.
        15:03 Sayaka: “Is it moe? Is that what moe is?!”
        No Sayaka, actually, Madoka is what moe is.
        16:13 Sayaka: “Is today piano? Japanese dance?”
        日本舞踊(nihonbuyo – Japanese dance) is a style of traditional dance. If you actually care, look it up on Youtube.
        16:22 Sayaka: “I’m thankful I was born a petit-bourgeois citizen.”
        Petit-bourgeois is a French term that originally referred to members of the lower-middle social classes, in the 18th and early 19th centuries. Sayaka says 小市民(shoushimin) which refers directly to that.
        19:35 Now she’s a cosplaying random attacker?
        Everyone knows what cosplay is, but 通り魔(toorima – random attacker) might be a little bit unclear. As an example of a “random attacker,” this term would refer to people who just randomly attack others on the street.
        —:— Regarding the series title
        魔法少女まどか☆マギカ is the name of this series. That romanizes directly to Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika, which is the title we use. The series has a Latin subtitle of “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” which many English speaking fans choose to call it since it is immediately recognizable in Latin characters. Also, the series is officially licensed under that title. However, we feel that is not the name of the show. None of the show’s staff call it by such a title. When it comes to “Magika” vs “Magica”, we pick “Magika” out of personal preference.
        —:— Regarding Kyubey’s name
        The correct way to romanize キュゥべえ(Kyuubee, “Kyuu” in Katakana and “bee” in Hiragana) is something that has been debated at length. We went with “Kyubey” starting with our v2s of eps1-3 (we originally did Kyuubee), because it was used in pretty much every single official reference. However, it’s probably worth knowing that “Kyuubee” is a direct romanization of his name.
        —:— Regarding Kyubey’s gender
        Kyubey is confirmed to be genderless by Urobuchi Gen in episode four’s audio commentary. However, “it” refers to “itself” as 僕(boku) which is used almost exclusively by males in Japan, and most fans (and even the characters of the series, as evident by one of them referring to it as a 男子(danshi – young male)) consider Kyubey to be male. We translated using genderless references such as “it” or “that one”, because that was technically accurate. By the way, Japanese hardly uses any gender defining pronouns, or pronouns at all, so we didn’t do something like pick technical accuracy over what the characters were actually saying – if we TL’d on the premise that it was male, we would have had to add in the “he/him“s to people’s speech ourselves anyways.


        Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika features “Runes” throughout it. The characters that are used were created by Gekidan Inu Curry for the purpose of this anime, but fans quickly found it was a substitution cipher in German. All runes that appear will be translated here.
        Thanks to the Puella Magi Wiki for being a useful resource.

        00:02 Prolog im Himmel 2011
        “Prologue in heaven 2011”

        This is the title of the first scene in Goethe’s Faust.
        00:09 T A G S C H

        It is possible that this is an excerpt from Prolog im Himmel:
        … Sind herrlich wie am ersten Tag. Und schnell und unbegreiflich schnelle …
        19:17 Die blühenden Rosen sollen der
        “The blooming roses shall be”
        19:17 Bekämpfe schädliche Insekten!
        “Combat harmful insects!”
        19:17 Kein Durchgang
        “No trespassing”
        19:17 Das sind mir unbekannte Blumen
        “They are unknown flowers to me”
        19:17 Planmaßig zurechtbiegen
        Königin sofort geschenkt sein
        Die blühenden Rosen sollen der
        “Bend into shape as planned”
        “The blooming roses shall be immediately presented as a gift to the queen.”
        19:17 Das sind mir unbekannte Blumen
        “They are unknown flowers to me”
        19:17 Das sind mir unbekannte Blumen
        Die blühenden Rosen sollen der
        “They are unknown flowers to me”
        “The blooming roses shall be”
        19:20 Kein Durchgang. Zutritt verboten.
        “No trespassing. Entry forbidden.”
        19:21 Königin sofort geschenkt sein
        Die blühenden Rosen sollen der
        “The blooming roses shall be immediately presented as a gift to the queen.”
        19:21 Die ersten Knospen sollen gepflückt sein.
        “The initial buds shall be plucked.”
        19:22 Kein Durchgang. Zutritt verboten.
        “No trespassing. Entry forbidden.”
        19:26 (middle): Kein Durchgang. Zutritt verboten.
        (right sign):
        (middle): “No trespassing. Entry forbidden.”
        (right sign):
        19:56 Die üppigen Äste behindern gute Durchlüftung
        “The lush branches obstruct proper ventilation”
        19:59 eine 用信号
        “One traffic light.”
        20:14~20:27 Anthony’s Chanting

        During this scene, the Anthony chant the following in German:

        Those flowers are unknown to me.
        Yes. They are also unknown to me.
        Shall we cut them off?
        Yes. Let us cut them off.
        We present the roses to our queen.
        And the bad flowers go to the guillotine.
        Yes. Cut them off!
        Yes. Cut them out!

        These runes transcribe their chanting:

        20:14 Kein Durchgang!
        “No trespassing!”
        20:15 Das sind mir unbekannte Blumen.
        Die blühenden Rosen sollen der
        “They are unknown flowers to me”
        “The blooming roses shall be”
        20:16 Schneiden wir’s ab
        “Let’s cut it off”
        20:34 Das Hexeneinmaleins
        “Witch’s one-time-one”

        The “Das Hexeneinmaleins” is an excerpt from Goethe’s Faust. Here’s the full thing in English:

        This you must ken!
        From one make ten,
        And two let be,
        Make even three,
        Then rich you’ll be.
        Skip o’er the four!
        From five and six,
        The Witch’s tricks,
        Make seven and eight,
        ‘Tis finished straight;
        And nine is one,
        And ten is none,
        That is the witch’s one-time-one!

        20:53 助けに来たよ
        (Fire extinguisher covered up by Sayaka): 燃えろ
        “Help has come.”
        20:53 (Mustache Ojii-san): Ja. Schneide sie ab!
        (Solo butterfly): Kein Durchgang
        (Mustache Ojii-san): “Yes. Cut them off!”
        (Solo butterfly): “No trespassing”
        21:23 Kein Durchgang
        “No trespassing”
        21:24 Bekämpfe schädliche Insekten!
        Kein Durchgang.
        “Combat harmful insects!”
        “No trespassing”
        21:34 Kein Durchgang!
        Zutritt verboten
        “No trespassing!”
        “Entry forbidden”
        21:59 Bekämpfe schädliche Insekten!
        “Combat harmful insects!”
        22:06 Bekämpfe schädliche Insekten!
        “Combat harmful insects!”
        22:06 Kein Durchgang!
        Zutritt verboten
        “No trespassing!”
        “Entry forbidden”

        Illustrated Witch Reference Book

        These are witch/minion cards taken and translated from the 魔女図鑑 (Majo Zukan) on the official site.

        Minion (Gertrud)
        Type: Rose garden witch’s minion
        Nature: Landscaping

        Witch’s minion。 That duty is landscape gardening。 The mustache was set and given to him by the witch

        On the commentary track, seiyuu refer to Anthony as “Hige Oji-san” (Old Mustache Man). Yuuki Aoi seems to be especially fond of them.

        End Card

        These are straight off the official site. If you want higher res, feel free to screen cap the 1080p BDs.

        Illustrator: ハノカゲ (Hanokage)

        ハノカゲさん is the mangaka of the manga adaption for Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika.

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