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        EN Title Hyperdimension Game Neptune ~Megami Tsuushin~
        JP Title 超次元ゲイム ネプテューヌ ~めがみつうしん~
        Author コンパイルハート (Compile Heart)
        Artist 葉生田采丸 (Bermuda Saimaru)
        Status Incomplete
        Serialization 2010-11-12 to Present in Famitsuu Clear

        Neptune Theme

        2012-09-06 Update: Sorry for slow release. Translator has been offline due to serious real life complications. (He is still offline.)

        Cover scans are released. However, note that the raw provider’s scanner produces a nasty moiré pattern that is difficult to remove from the color dust jacket without having to essentially redraw the entire cover.

        We did a hefty amount of a work on the cover, but unfortunately not much can be done about this kind of moiré pattern. It would be more effective to just scan the covers using a different scanner. We may re-scan the cover at a later date using a different scanner.

        ※ Also, before you read this translation, read tri4’s about page.

        ※ Also note that we are releasing two versions every chapter. One version has 1600 pixel height pages, while the other has 2100 pixel height pages.

        We’re helping someone out by picking up this series since no other group has actually scanlated it.

        Some new people were pulled onto tri4 because of this project, kind of.

        If there are any comments that spell “Neptune” incorrectly when referring to the series, the posters of those comments will be banned.

        Volume Chapter Filesize Release Date DDL Online Reader
        (Cover DDL)
        01 7.02 MB/10.9 MB 2012-07-27 16002100 Batoto
        02 6.04 MB/9.53 MB 2012-09-06 16002100 Batoto

        All images are saved in PNG format for release.

        We have selected fonts that we think are representative of the fonts used in the original manga.

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