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        EN Title Minami-ke
        JP Title みなみけ
        Author 桜場コハル (Sakuraba Coharu)
        Status Incomplete
        Serialization 2004 to Present in Kodansha’s Young Magazine

        We’re picking up the Minami-ke manga by Sakuraba Coharu beginning with volume 6 for REASONS.

        Some information about the releases can be found below the release table.

        We’ve changed the fonts starting with chapter 113 to fonts that we’ve wanted to change to for a while now (but we kept forgetting to change to them).

        Volume Chapter Filesize Release Date DDL Online Reader
        6 102 20.8MB 2011-12-11 tri4 Batoto
        103 3.1MB 2011-12-11 tri4 Batoto
        104 2.3MB 2011-12-12 tri4 Batoto
        105 2.8MB 2011-12-14 tri4 Batoto
        106 2.8MB 2011-12-26 tri4 Batoto
        107 1.5MB 2012-03-15 tri4 Batoto
        108 1.7MB 2012-03-16 tri4 Batoto
        109 1.6MB 2012-05-16 tri4 Batoto
        110 1.55MB 2012-07-29 tri4 Batoto
        111 1.41MB 2012-07-30 tri4 Batoto
        112 1.46MB 2012-08-01 tri4 Batoto
        113 1.74MB 2012-08-01 tri4 Batoto
        114 1.53MB 2012-08-02 tri4 Batoto
        115 1.70MB 2012-08-03 tri4 Batoto
        116 1.60MB 2012-08-08 tri4 Batoto

        All images are saved in PNG format for release.

        We have selected fonts that we think are representative of the fonts used in the original manga. The fonts may change over time.

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