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      1. Why do you have so many version ups?

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        We value quality over everything else. Our v2/v3/v4/v∞ are generally for the sake of adding additional polish to things. We pick an anime and stick with it, continuing to improve on our releases as months or years pass by. While we think our very first releases were pretty good, there’s always going to be room for improving them. Being able to throw out version ups whenever we want and constantly revise things is a big part of why we started our own group, even though we don’t have many people and we’re slower.

        Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika got an entire v2 batch because of a coloring bug in x264 which gave the series a slight purple-ish tint. As of writing this (2012/03/14) every version of Madoka☆Magika has this issue except Elysium’s and our v2 batch. It’s mainly noticeable on grays, and only has any serious weight on a couple of scenes in the series (but it stands out a lot in them). A picture is worth 1,000 words (v1 on the left, v2 on the right):

        Since we were re-encoding the series anyways, we took the chance to make some minor tweaks to the scripts and typesetting for a couple of episodes. Each Drama CD has also been improved, and we scanned the Blu-ray jackets ourselves, to give us higher quality scans than the ones we had before. Overall though, nothing really major changed except the encoding, so we won’t bother with a detailed changelog, but…

        We want to encourage public QC and criticism here, just to see how it’ll go. Tell us everything we did wrong in the v2 batch using this article’s comments. Just remember, our goal isn’t to cater to you. We don’t answer to anyone except the original work itself.

        Our v2 batch doesn’t have any major errors, doesn’t require anymore polish at all, and is an accurate, watchable, high-quality release. If that’s so, why would we try to encourage other people to give us input? Shouldn’t we just be proud of the release and not give a crap what others think? Well, we do think it’s great, and we don’t care what others think of it, but to call it perfect would be foolish. If out of 100 comments, only 2 useful minor suggestions are made that never occurred to us, then we’ll deem this worth it.

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      3. Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika Episode 12

        Table of contents:
      4. Episode Summary

        第12話「わたしの、最高のともだち」 Episode 12 「My best friend」


        Taking on Walpurgis Night by herself, Homura is covered in severe wounds。
        No matter how many times she challenges it she can’t out-rival it, since her own deeds are making Madoka suffer she is falling into despair, and her own Soul Gem finished dying black。 In front of that Homura arrives a young girl, Kaname Madoka。 Madoka, gazing at Walpurgis Night with a determined look, declares to Homura。

        「I found the wish I want granted.」

        The girl who has come to understand the entire existence of mahou shoujo and their fate,
        as a result of that what is the wish, what kind of decision has been made?

        Script: Urobuchi Gen // Storyboard: Sasaki Shinsaku // Director: Miyamoto Yukihiro // Animation Director: Taniguchi Jun’ichirō & Takahashi Mika

        Dialogue Notes

        15:59 Mami: “Guided by the Law of Cycles.”
        円環の理(enkan no kotowari – Law of Cycles). If you recall episode 10’s notes, Madoka can be written as 円(round), and this “Law of Cycles” is the fundamental principle on which mahou shoujo are structured in Madoka’s reformed universe (at least, according to Mami-san).
        20:46 Kyubey: “The obstinate miasma is thick tonight, isn’t it? Those evil beasts are springing up one after the other too.”
        つくづく瘴気(tsuduku shouki – obstinate miasma)
        魔獣(majuu – evil/demonic beast)

        I’m just noting these to say that in the future there is a chance of “obstinate miasma” and “evil beasts” becoming main themes of the series (at the time of writing this, the movies are announced but details are scarce). These TLs are literals of the words/characters themselves and are subject to change if a more standardized/sensible translation comes about in the future, if perhaps more details are revealed about these two things.


        10:19-13:16 Runes floating upwards
        As far as I know, these runes are too disjointed to have any meaning.

        23:54 Oshimai
        Puella Magi Madoka Magika
        “The end”

        Illustrated Witch Reference Book

        Type: Witch of Stage Setting
        Nature: Helplessness

        Witch of stage setting。 (Alias・Walpurgis Night / real name unknown) Her nature is powerlessness。 She is the symbol of The Fool who continues to spin around。 A witch who’s enigma has been passed on throughout history。 Popular name・Walpurgis Night。 She will continue to recklessly spin around this world until all of the entire world is turned into a drama。 When the time comes when the doll that is ordinarily placed upside down turns right-side up, she will fly at equal speed as a gale and in a flash the civilizations on the surface of the earth will be knocked over。

        Wikipedia article on what “Walpurgis Night” is in real life.
        Type: Witch of Stage Setting’s minion

        The witch of stage setting’s minion。 That duty is a clown。 A countless number of souls drawn to her intense magical power。 If Walpurgis Night was originally a single someone, or if it was a large gathering of souls that gave birth to an illusion, right now it is not clear。

        End Card

        Illustrator: 蒼樹うめ (Aoki Ume)

        蒼樹うめ先生 the original character designer for Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika. She’s also the mangaka behind ひだまりスケッチ(Hidamari Sketch) which SHAFT has adapted into an anime.

        Also, this end card was removed from the Blu-ray version of the anime, so here’s a screencap from the 1280×720 TV version of the episode:

        Some Words

        Thanks for downloading and watching our release of Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika, and reading these notes. Now that you’re done with the series, I recommend going back and listening to the ED for episodes 1~2, “Mata Ashita.” It is Kaname Madoka’s character song and has new meaning when you finish the series. Personally, I find this show to only improve the more times you watch it, so if you enjoyed then I also recommend starting from the beginning. At the very least, open up episode 4 and watch the scene between Madoka and Homura @ 09:42.

        If you’re interested, our episodes include subtitled audio commentary by some of the staff. Switch to audio/subtitle track 2 to watch them. You can also read my extensive translator’s notes, which explain a bit of translation and analyze some of the series’ writing. KANI OUT.

        - The translator.
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      6. Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika Episode 11

        Table of contents:
      7. Episode Summary

        第11話「最後に残った道しるべ」 Episode 11 「The Final Guidepost Left」


        In the rain, Sayaka’s funeral services was conducted in a solemn way。
        With vacant eyes Madoka returns home, at the entrance way Junko greets her and from there she enters her own room。
        Arriving at the place of Madoka who has sunken into despair over a single person is Kyubey。
        He speaks of Sayaka and the other’s death in a cold tone and due to that appearance, as expected Madoka feels anger。
        Kyubey is unable to comprehend such behavior of Madoka’s,
        and speaks of how his own kind have walked together with humanity throughout history。

        Script: Urobuchi Gen // Storyboard: Itou Tomohiko // Director: Watanabe Kotono // Animation Director: Miyamae Shin’ichi & Fujisawa Toshiyuki


        05:01 Rindfleisch
        05:01 Chciken

        This rune decodes to English and is probably a typo of “chicken”
        05:03 Schwein
        05:17 Vieh
        05:23 Fleisch
        05:29 Muh muhten
        “Moo mooed”
        06:07-06:12 Madoka
        These runes quickly fly by Madoka.

        06:15 Hörbeispiel
        “Audio example”
        6:20-6:23 VWXYZABCDEF
        Again these runes quickly fly by Madoka.
        06:25 Hörbeispiel
        “Audio example”
        “23〔9〕” – the year Himiko became queen of Wa.
        06:29 Hörbeispiel
        “Audio example”
        “1429” – the year the Battle of Patay ended.
        15:57 Walpurgis

        End Card

        Illustrator: ブリキ (Buriki)

        ブリキさん is the artist for the light novel art of 電波女と青春男(Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko) which SHAFT has adapted into an anime.
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      9. Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika Episode 10

        Table of contents:
      10. Episode Summary

        第10話「もう誰にも頼らない」 Episode 10 「I won’t depend on anyone anymore」


        It was the scene of a certain young girl’s school transfer。
        Exceeding her mental strain capacity, the young girl was pulling back in a timid manner,
        all of the class’ pupil’s began to shower the single girl with their own gazes, when she was unused to a self-introduction。

        During break time, due to many curious uninvited girls with questions,
        she lost her mental battle and began cowering, but then coming to her was a companion, a girl who called herself the class health officer。
        While facing her with a tender smile, to the girl who felt as if she was losing to her name, she said it was a cool name。

        Because of living in a hospital for a long time, her knowledge and strength are inferior to the other pupil’s,
        so with an inferiority complex she drops her shoulders on the route home, when impulsively she wanders into a majo’s barrier。
        The ones arriving to save the girl from the pinch of a desperate situation, two people who are mahou shoujo。

        Script: Urobuchi Gen // Storyboard: Sasaki Shinsaku // Director: Yase Yuki // Animation Director: Itou Yoshiaki & Shiotsuki Kazuya

        Dialogue Notes

        01:57 Homura: I’m losing to my name.
        ほむら(homura, written in Hiragana) has no meaning. However, 「ほむら」 can be written as 「炎」 which means “flame.” This is an irregular reading that most Japanese people probably don’t know. Because of that, the previous line Madoka says regarding her name is sort of cute: 「何かさ、燃え上がれーって感じでカッコいいと思うなぁ」 “Somehow, you know… it has a feeling of being really fired up, and I think it’s cool!”

        By the way, here are some alternate readings for the other girl’s names:

        ・まどか(Madoka, Hiragana) can be written as 円(round, tranquil).
        ・さやか(Sayaka, Hiragana) can be written as 明か(clear, bright, fresh).
        ・杏子(Kyouko, Kanji) can be written as 強固(firmness, stability, security, strength). Also, the characters that make up her name mean “apricot child.” 杏子 can also be read as あんず(anzu) which means the food apricot.
        ・マミ(Mami, Katakana) can be written as 魔魅(deceiving spirit).


        03:33 Isadel
        10:14 Patricia
        13:11 Oktavia von Seckendorff
        18:19 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
        18:28 Roberta
        20:48 Kriemhild Gretchen

        Illustrated Witch Reference Book

        Type: Witch of Artist
        Nature: Vanity

        Witch of Artist。 Her nature is vanity。 A witch who without a doubt thinks she is a chosen existence。 She wants to show someone her own pieces of work so she actively interferes with humans, however her barrier’s contents are only similar to things you’ve seen somewhere before。 If you want to defeat this witch then take a well-known critic with you。

        Type: Witch of Artist’s minion

        The witch of artist’s minion。 That duty is a piece of work。 Any human who’s life is snatched away by the witch will have their body parts stolen, and added among these。

        Type: Witch of Class Representative
        Nature: Remaining spectator

        Witch of Class President。 Her nature is remaining a spectator。 Using the spider-like thread that she vomited into the sky of her barrier she created a school for only herself where she and other students lead an unchanging ordinary life day after day。If the chime which signals the end of school were to sound then this witch might return to her residence somewhere。。

        Type: Witch of Artist’s minion

        The witch of class representative’s minion。 That duty is a classmate。 The skates they wear on their feet allow them to glide elegantly on the threads but they are each only controlled by the witch manipulating the threads and hold no intentions of their own。。

        Type: Witch of Mermaid
        Nature: Tender Emotion

        Witch of Mermaid。 Her nature is tender emotion。 A witch who continues dreaming of the days where the sound of a guitar reverberated within a concert hall deeply touching her emotions。 The time she repeats within only has very slight but sure differences, the wheels of fate are calmly turning。。

        The runes on her witch card read “Oktavia von Secken Dorff.”
        Type: Witch of Mermaid’s minion

        The witch of mermaid’s minion。 That duty is a backup dancer。 Her existence is only for dancing cheerfully behind the witch。

        Kriemhild Gretchen
        Type: Witch of Salvation
        Nature: Benevolence

        Witch of Salvation。 Her nature is benevolence。 She forcefully sucks all life from this star and guides it into the new heaven(barrier) that she’s created。 To defeat this witch no methods exist except to remove misfortune throughout the entire world。 If sorrow were to be eliminated throughout the entire world this witch would likely have delusions about it being heaven。

        Type: Witch of Birdcage
        Nature: Rage

        Witch of Birdcage。 Her nature is rage。 Inside the cage she continues to stomp her legs directing resentment towards those who did not respond to her。 This witch is highly fond of alcohol and her minions are also very easy to fire up。

        Type: Witch of Birdcage’s minion

        The witch of birdcage’s minion。 That duty is frivolous indiscretion。 The birds who swarm together are idiotic men。 Despite being absolutely good for nothing they attempt to attract her attention by gathering around her feet to woo her。 To the witch they are nothing but an object of disgust。

        End Card

        Illustrator: ムラ黒江 (Mura Kuroe)

        ムラ黒江さん is the mangaka behind the art for 魔法少女おりこ☆マギカ (Mahou Shoujo Oriko☆Magika)
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      12. Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika Episode 09

        Table of contents:
      13. Episode Summary

        第9話 「そんなの、あたしが許さない」 Episode 9 「I wouldn’t forgive that sort of thing」


        Sayaka’s Soul Gem has changed into a jet black Grief Seed。
        When that Grief Seed changed, a new majo was born。
        Holding Sayaka’s body, preparing to defend against the majo’s imminent attack is a lone Kyouko。
        Homura forced her way into the majo’s barrier, and gives Kyouko guidance to escape the barrier。

        Meanwhile Madoka, in the middle of searching for Sayaka, sees the appearance of Homura and a Kyouko who has a heavy step。 To the Madoka who has broken down crying in the presence of the completely changed appearance of Sayaka, Homura gives a talk about the secret of Soul Gem’s in an indifferent manner, then takes her leave from that place。

        Late on that same night, Kyubey appears at Kyouko’s location。
        Kyouko when speaking to Kyubey about how to return Sayaka’s body back to to its original state, discovers a single thread of possibility in that conversation。
        The next morning, Kyouko calls to Madoka who is on the way to attending school with Hitomi, with an astonishing proposal。

        Script: Urobuchi Gen // Storyboard: Shichishima Noriko // Director: Mukai Masahiro // Animation Director: Katayama Miyuki

        Dialogue Notes

        01:39 Homura: In your current state, you will only get in the way.
        In episode 5’s notes, I point out the 足手纏い(ashimatoi) line as literally being closer to “entwine feet.” It’s the same wording here. It even comes up again later in this episode, @ 21:51 (Kyouko: It’s a principle of yours not to fight alongside those who’ll get in your way, right?).
        12:13 Kyouko: “(After yesterday, today you’re going to do something like casually go to school?)”
        昨日の今日で(ashita no kyou de) means something like “on the today of yesterday // on yesterday’s today.” That is, the “today” is a possession of yesterday. This implies “Yesterday, such events occurred, and on the today of that happening…” We went with a localized TL of “After yesterday” for this, because “The today of yesterday” unfortunately does not make much sense.
        12:27 Kyouko: “(Could I see your face?)”
        There are a couple of things to say about this line. First of all, 顔貸してくれる?(kao kashite kureru?) is more like “Lend me your face.” but I imagine most people would giggle out loud if they read that (I know I did) so it wasn’t working for me.

        Second of all I’d like to point out that this line is a point of reference for Sakura Kyouko’s character. In episode 7, when she calls Sayaka outside to take her to the church, she says: 「ちょいと面貸しな」(Lemme see your mug for a bit) using her normal slangy and disrespectful style of talking. After episode 7 and 8, Kyouko begins to drop some of the rudeness in her speech and talk a little bit more like a normal person. You can read more about this in the extensive notes, but don’t check those until after you finish the series.
        15:51 Kyouko: “A super dreadnought-class big-shot witch.”
        Dreadnought is a class of battleship. You can read about them Wikipedia. Battleships are freaking cool.
        19:52 Kyouko: “This much is just a breeze…”
        Similar to Kyouko’s “Are you sane?” line in ep8, this is also slightly rewritten. It’s actually “This much isn’t even a breeze” but we picked the English equivalent for clarity. Sorry about that.
        11:40 Kyouko’s food

        Kyouko has a lot of food that would’ve been dumb looking if it was typeset in episode. From left to right:

        - あたり(Atari)
        - メロンパン(Melonpan / Melon Bread) soft, thick slices
        - やきそ(yakiso) this is 焼きそばパン(yakisoba pan / yakisoba bread).
        14:47 うまい棒

        This is an うまい棒(umaibo – delicious stick). Umaibou has a Wikipedia article. The text on the bottom of the package reads まろやかでうまいぞ~ (Mild taste is delicious~)


        00:22 Oktavia von Secken Dorff
        (small text):Hope Schicksal Oktavia von Seckendorff
        (small text): Hope Fate Oktavia von Seckendorff
        00:24-01:55 Oktavia von Seckendorff
        Runes displaying the witches name are scattered throughout her barrier.

        00:32 Schicksal Hope
        “Fate Hope”
        16:44 LoVE Me Do\(´3`)/

        Obviously not a rune but I thought it’d be nice to throw this here.
        17:17-18:29 Kyosuke Classic Concert

        Osaka 3/3 25:25
        Tokyo 3/4 25:55

        Con Amore


        “With love”

        The Osaka/Tokyo dates are the date that this episode originally aired on TV.
        17:47 Look at me

        These runes were removed in the BD. On the left is TV, right is BD. It’s sort of funny, because Yuuki Aoi references them on commentary.

        Illustrated Witch Reference Book

        Type: Witch of Mermaid
        Nature: Tender Emotion

        Witch of Mermaid。 Her nature is tender emotion。 Looking for her dream of deeply touching emotions of the old days, this witch moves with a concert hall。 Her fate can only rotate around memories as she can no longer turn towards the future。 She can no longer be reached by anything now。 She can no longer understand anything now。 Now she merely does not allow her minion’s musical performance to be interrupted。

        The runes on her witch card read “Oktavia von Secken Dorff.”
        Type: Witch of Mermaid’s minion

        The witch of dog’s minion。 That duty is musical performance。 For the witch’s sake it continues to play instruments with a blank ochestra。 People who continue to listen to that sound for too long will have their soul pulled out。 This orchestra exists only for the sake of the witch, and to the witch the orchestra is her everything。

        End Card

        Illustrator: なまにくATK (Namaniku Attakai)

        なまにくATKさん is a Nitroplus artist.
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      15. Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika Episode 08

        Table of contents:
      16. Episode Summary

        第8話 「あたしって、ほんとバカ」 Episode 8 「I’m… really an idiot.」


        Without regard to her own injuries, merely mangling the witch in front of her eyes is Sayaka。
        Thanks to restorative magic she is unhurt when she obtains victory, and immediately falls into complete exhaustion。

        On that return trip, it begins to rain so to take shelter from the rain they rest inside, where for Madoka who is unable to just watch Sayaka’s exhausted state, talk regarding Sayaka’s fighting style begins to come from her lips。
        The words spoken from Madoka who can only feel things in a clean and beautiful way, make Sayaka’s emotions explode, and she leaves that area。

        She runs out in tears, yet Madoka still does not chase after her――
        Running through the rain, Sayaka cries tears of regret which reflect self-hatred――

        For that girl’s Soul Gem, it is becoming blacker and blacker with impurity。

        Script: Urobuchi Gen // Storyboard: Omata Shin’ichi // Director: Kawabata Takashi // Animation Director: Matsumoto Tomoyuki & Kondou Yuuji

        Dialogue Notes

        06:20 Kyouko: “Neither of us could be called anything like a trustworthy manga hero, but y’know…”
        しろ(shiro – white, written in hiragana) is manga related slang that means “good guy.” “White” and “good guy” both dropped the idea of it being manga related slang, so we did “manga hero.”
        06:32 Kyouko: “Why are you showing your face around here? You…”
        This is a localized translation. どの面下げて出てきやがった(dono tsura agete deteki yagatta) actually means something like “What kind of face did you work up to come out?” but it just wasn’t feeling right. Also note that she says テメェ(temee – you) on the end here.
        12:57 Kyouko: “Are you insane?”
        This line is rewritten. 正気かテメェは(shouki ka temee wa) means “Are you(テメェ/temee) sane?” But that read weirdly, so we changed “sane” to “insane.” Truly sorry.
        14:27 Host A: “Ojou-chan, are you a middle school student?”
        お嬢ちゃん(Ojou-chan) is a respectful way to refer to a young lady.
        16:59 Kyubey: Madoka, if you desire it, you may be able to become an omnipotent god.
        神(kami) being reflected as “god” is a pretty debatable translation. In most cases we’d leave it as “kami,” but we didn’t want to break immersion in this series for people who didn’t know what “kami” meant, so we picked this standard localization + noting it. That’s largely because the actual implications of kami vs god are not immediately important to the series, but you should definitely still know them.

        We could explain the term, but Wikipedia already does it pretty well. I’ll just explain that we translate 神(kami) as “god” which sort of implies “any kami/god out of possibly many,” where as 神様(kami-sama) would be a reference to a single “Kami/God.”
        22:11 Kyubey: “In this country, women in the middle of growing to adulthood are called ‘girls,’ right? Well then, for those of you who will become witches before long… You should be called ‘magical girls,’ shouldn’t you?”
        This dialogue calls for an in-episode TL note which we think explains everything clearly, but some of you might want a little bit of additional clarification.

        When he says “are called ‘girls’,” he says 少女(shoujo). 魔法少女(mahou shoujo) is “magical girl.” 魔女(majo) is “witch.” If you look at how “mahou shoujo” and “majo” are written in Japanese, they begin and end with the same characters – 魔(ma) and 女(jo). So “ma-hou shou-jo” becomes just “majo.”

        By the way, a literal translation of the characters that make up “majo” is “evil girl.”


        00:00 Elsa Maria
        21:41 Tempestoso
        21:41 Affettuoso

        Illustrated Witch Reference Book

        Type: Witch of Dog
        Nature: Craving

        Witch of the dog。(Not yet appeared) That nature is crave。 Is a witch with the appearance of a helpless dog with the potential to be loved by any and everyone。 Humans who enter the barrier cannot help but hug this witch in concern。 To defeat this witch show lies of your love。

        Type: Witch of Dog’s minion

        The witch of dog’s minion。 That duty is interior。 Holding absolutely no intentions of their own they are merely rotating mannequins。 If a dog witch is not loved by anyone they are unable to create minions that hold their own intentions。

        End Card

        Illustrator: 藤真拓哉 (Fujima Takuya)
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      18. Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika Episode 07

        Table of contents:
      19. Episode Summary

        第7話 「本当の気持ちと向き合えますか?」 Episode 7 「Can you face your true feelings?」


        Sayaka knows the reality of your own body when you become mahou shoujo。
        To have a wish you want granted even if it means accepting a fate of battle, the size of compensation for that has shaken her up。

        Arriving at the location of the house which Sayaka is moping inside of, it’s the should-be antagonist Sakura Kyouko。
        The girl brings Sayaka outside, inviting her to a certain abandon church。

        Thereupon from Kyouko’s lips came talk of, the reason that she became a mahou shoujo herself。
        Just as you’d think, the girl’s true intention is――

        Script: Urobuchi Gen // Storyboard: Nishita Masayoshi // Director: Kidokoro Satoaki // Animation Director: Kobayashi Ryou & Kado Tomoaki

        Dialogue Notes

        09:27 Kyouko: “No matter what kind of moral or obvious things he said, to society, he was merely someone who’d take hold of your nose.”
        ただの鼻つまみ者(tada no hana tsumari mono – merely someone who’d take hold of your nose), as you can probably guess by the context, means an annoying/bothersome person. Taking hold of someone’s nose is the fastest way to wake someone up, by the way.
        21:34 Kyouko: ‘Cause I’ll show you how it’s done, all right?
        手本(tehon) is literally “copybook.” So a more literal version of this line would be “‘Cause I’ll show you my copybook, all right?” which does look nice, but combined with the surrounding lines felt quite awkward. It was localized to retain the meaning but not the word choice because we knew we could just note it, and we didn’t want to interrupt an intense scene with an obtrusive feeling word reflection.


        06:22 Homura
        06:43 Sayaka
        09:45 Kyouko
        20:42 Elsa Maria

        Illustrated Witch Reference Book

        Type: Witch of Silver
        Nature: Freedom

        Witch of silver。 That nature is freedom。 Lurks inside a barrier where everything moves rapidly, but the witch itself is extremely dull。 It is unfortunate, but it’s completely unable to use any scientific-style powers。 Formerly its entire body was coated in silver so bright it would dazzle you, but but it has become quite rusty due to gazing at the coastline’s sunset。

        Since there aren’t really any other cuts of Gisela, a screencap of the scene that include runes of its name is featured here. The runes on those clocks just say “Gisela.”
        Type: Witch of Silver’s minion

        The witch of silver’s minion。 That duty is assertion。 The pipes attached to its body are a neighborhood nuisance due to the roar they spread when it moves around like a furious sandstorm。 The thing it hates is magnets。

        Elsa Maria
        Type: Witch of Shadow
        Nature: Self-righteousness

        Witch of shadow。 Her nature is self-righteousness。 A witch who continues to pray for the sake of all beings。 Keeping up her collapsed posture of praying, she drags every and any life equally into her shadow。 To defeat this witch, it won’t happen if you don’t know black anguish。

        Type: Witch of Shadow’s minion

        The witch of shadow’s minion。 That duty is blind belief。 An assembly of lives equally rescued by the witch of shadow。 They seek brothers。

        End Card

        Illustrator: 天杉貴志 (Tensugi Takashi)

        天杉貴志さん is the mangaka behind the art for 魔法少女かずみ☆マギカ ~The innocent malice~ (Mahou Shoujo Kazumi☆Magika ~The innocent malice~)
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      21. Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika Episode 06

        Table of contents:
      22. Episode Summary

        第6話 「こんなの絶対おかしいよ」 Episode 6 「Something like this is definitely strange」


        At the place of Sayaka and Kyouko’s battle, Homura suddenly arrived。
        The girl who mediated the battle stunned Sayaka with a blow,
        Kyouko is cautious of Homura after seeing that, thus immediately withdrawing,
        therefore the battle is concluded。

        Next day, Sayaka and Madoka are searching for the majo’s familiar that escaped due to Kyouko’s intrusion。
        At the place with traces left behind of the battle, Madoka proposes a peaceful resolution with Kyouko and,
        Sayaka has decided to prepare herself for a life risking fight between mahou shoujo。

        The two people have opinions that do not line up with each other’s

        Meanwhile two people exchanging are words, at a game center, for the sake of a certain objective, Homura has gotten into contact with Kyouko。

        Script: Urobuchi Gen // Storyboard: Sasaki Shinsaku // Director: Asari Fujiaki // Animation Director: Fukunaga Jun’ichi & Miyashima Hitoshi

        Dialogue Notes

        04:47(TV ONLY) Sayaka: “If your Soul Gem has a surplus, you’ll be able to use magic that you’d otherwise be unwilling to, without wasting anything.”
        This is a line that originally confused us when translating, it was worded in a way that would imply “If you have an excess number of Soul Gems, …” but that made absolutely no sense at all. We ended up interpreting it like this, but the surrounding lines, and even the latter part of this line, weren’t exactly clear to us. It ended up just being a recording error, and was fixed in the BD version – “Soul Gem” should be “Grief Seed,” which makes the correct TL: “If you have an overabundance of Grief Seeds, it enables you to use magic that you’d be otherwise unwilling to by squandering them.”

        We’ll leave our original TL in the TV scripts just in case someone actually watches TV, but it is a recording error which resulted in an obvious mis-TL. People who just watch the BD shouldn’t care, the recording and TL are fine there.
        21:05 Kyouko: Why, you… such a thing…
        テメェ(temee – you) has no real English equivalent. It’s just a very disrespectful way to refer to somebody. By the way, 貴様(kisama) has the same feeling as テメェ(temee). We go with a literal TL of “you”, but even if it’s literal it doesn’t capture the full meaning, as English does not have “formal” and “informal” ways to refer to people like this. So we also put it in italics, but now you know.

        Illustrated Witch Reference Book

        Inu Daruma Brothers
        Type: Mascots of the Popular Game

        Inu Daruma Brothers。 Mascot characters of the wildly popular “Dog Drug Reinforcement” dancing game。 Formerly, as masked wrestlers from South America, their energetic matches were so intense that in the moments that they struck the mat, their beat could be felt on the other side of the world, and when that beat was guided to arrival in Japan, the dancing scene plunged into it。 Or something。 By the way, they aren’t witches, and they have absolutely no connection to witches。

        This entry is an easter egg on the official site’s majo zukan, their picture is invisible in the left menubar.

        End Card

        Illustrator: ウエダハジメ (Ueda Hajime)

        ウエダハジメさん is the mangaka behind the フリクリ(FLCL) manga adaption, and he also did the ED animation for 化物語(Bakemonogatari). By the way, if you flip this illustration horizontally, the girls line up to create the character 死(shi – death).
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        Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika Notes

      24. Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika Episode 05

        Table of contents:
      25. Episode Summary

        第5話 「後悔なんて、あるわけない」 Episode 5 「There’s no way I’d have something like a regret」


        As a mahou shoujo, Sayaka arrived to save Madoka and Hitomi from a witch’s hand。
        Due to the wish granted because of contracting with Kyubey, right now, that heart is refreshed, in a state of having no regrets about becoming a mahou shoujo。
        The opposing Madoka, who Sayaka decided to become a mahou shoujo ahead of, has completely given up on herself and is worried。

        Both of Kyousuke’s parents, physician in charge, and hospital staff gather on the roof of the hospital to congratulate Kyousuke on his hand which has restored and can be opened。
        There, from his father’s hand, his own former favorite violin was passed to him。
        At first there was hesitation, then Kyousuke decided on his feelings to display the violin。
        By the talent of a prodigy which completely hasn’t dwindled, everyone present falls in love when they hear it。
        For Sayaka who saw that scene, supreme delight was being reflected upon。

        On one viewing platform, Sayaka’s movements on that hospital rooftop were being observed by the appearance of Kyouko。

        Script: Urobuchi Gen // Storyboard: Omata Shin’ichi // Director: Majima Takahiro // Animation Director: Honda Mino & Matsumoto Mayuko

        Dialogue Notes

        03:02 Hitomi: “The doctor-sama said it was a group hallucination or something.”
        Yes, this does look a bit weird. It isn’t our fault Hitomi is polite, though. お医者さん(Oishasan) = doctor, but she says お医者様(Oishasama).
        12:47 Homura: “Certainly, it was my miss.”
        ミス(misu – miss) means “failure” or “error” here.
        14:33 Madoka: “Um, you know… I… can’t do anything, and even though I understand that I’ll just get in your way…”
        The “get in your way” part of this is a liberal translation. She says 足手纏い(ashimatoi), which is literally like “entwine feet.”
        19:30 Kyouko: “Hmph! Newbie…”
        トーシロ(tooshiro) is slang that means “rookie.” The origin is something like:

        Shirouto(rookie) -> Shirooto(long “o” instead of “u”) -> (turned around)Tooshiro.

        We really didn’t want to do “eikoor” or something dumb like that, and “rookie” just dropped the slang, so we went with “Newbie” in the end since it seemed to fit.


        16:43-16:49 Anja Wachsmalstift
        “Anja Crayon”

        16:59-17:30 (BD Only) A N J

        The blocks with runes on them that are scattered throughout Anja’s barrier just contain the letters to spell “Anja.”
        17:35 Fin

        Illustrated Witch Reference Book

        Type: Witch of Scribbling
        Nature: Ignorant

        The scribbling witch。 (Not yet appeared) That nature is ignorant。 Loves hides & seek。 However, because none of the witch’s minions are all that clever, no one will search for her。

        Type: Minion (Albertine)

        Scribbling witch’s minion。 That duty is naïvety。 A small lost minion, who strayed from her witch when wrapped up in her dreams while playing by herself。 She can use an ability that transforms humans into balls, and humans who have changed into balls cannot return to their original state until they bounce upon the earth once for every lie they’ve told up until now。

        Anja is voiced by Yuuki Aoi (Kaname Madoka’s seiyuu). VRRRRM BRRR BRRRRRRRRRM

        End Card

        Illustrator: ゆーぽん (Yuupon)

        ゆーぽんさん is an artist from the Nitroplus shounen-ai branch, who also did the art for the novelization of Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika.
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        Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika Notes

      27. Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika Episode 04

        Table of contents:
      28. Episode Summary

        第4話 「奇跡も、魔法も、あるんだよ」 Episode 4 「Miracles and magic do exist」


        The day after Mami and majo’s heroic battle, the same unchanging ordinary life arrives。

        For Madoka and Sayaka who the result of a mahou shoujo’s defeat was shown right before their eyes, the true feeling of being involved the world of magic is too grave, and they give up on becoming mahou shoujo。

        That same day’s evening, Madoka who arrived at Mami’s room which no longer has anyone in it, when returning, at the entrance of the large apartment building she met Homura。

        In the setting sun, the two walk in line。

        When Homura is talking about the reality of the death of mahou shoujo, Madoka interrupts with tender words。

        Script: Urobuchi Gen // Storyboard: Sasaki Shinsaku // Director: Komata Shinchi // Animation Director: Ozeki Miyabi

        Dialogue Notes

        04:01 Tatsuya: “Nee-cha, what’s wrong?”
        I was advised to note this because it looks like a typo. 姉ちゃん(neechan) means “big sister”, but Tatsuya says ちゃ(cha) rather than chan, which is typical of small children.
        06:23 Madoka: “After all this time, I’m asking for too much…”
        今更虫が良すぎだよね(imasara mushi ga yosugi dayo ne – after this long time the bug is too good) has a localized translation here. When we do these kinds of localizations, we’ll point them out in the notes for people who care about the literal translations. This one is a bit tricky, but we interpret this Japanese saying to mean that the speaker is referring to themselves as 虫(mushi – bug) and something like “their own circumstances are too good.” We have seen Japanese people explain it to each other by saying you can take the 中 from the word 自己中(jikochuu – selfishness) and change it into 虫. “Asking for too much” is the standard translation given by most dictionaries.


        18:38 今日は本当に楽しかったねえ、また行きたいね。今度はお弁当持って行こう
        “Today was truly fun you know, let’s go again, okay? Next time [I’ll] bring an obentou.”

        The witch H.N. Elly (Kirsten) says this in backwards-Japanese. Because it’s a “secret message” that you can only get by playing backwards, we put it in runes in the episode, for fun. This isn’t an official rune or anything, just us screwing around because we thought it looked cool.
        18:53 Kirsten
        19:18 Ich will nicht arbeiten
        “I don’t want to work”
        19:18 Ich mag keine Narren
        “I like no fools”
        19:20 Elly

        Elly is Kirsten’s handle name.
        19:22 Kirsten
        19:43 4 3 2 1

        Counts down as it gets closer.

        Illustrated Witch Reference Book

        HN Elly (Kirsten)
        Type: Witch of the Box
        Nature: Yearnful

        Witch of the box。 Her nature is yearnful。 A hardcore hikikomori witch。 Imprisons anything she yearns for inside of glass。 Imprisoning those whose heart is able to be seen through is simple, but those who strike before thinking are a problem。

        HN is an abbreviation for “Handle Name.”
        Minion (HN Elly)
        Type: Box Witch’s Minion

        Box witch’s minion。 Their duty is transportation。 Any object which this subordinate touches will become extremely easy to carry。

        End Card

        Illustrator: 小林尽 (Kobayashi Jin)

        小林尽さん is the mangaka who created スクールランブル(School Rumble) and 夏のあらし!(Natsu no Arashi!), the latter of which SHAFT has adapted into an anime.
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