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        You probably need JP Language packs installed for everything here to display correctly. You can see full lists of stuff we plan to release sometime here: Serious // Funny. When we feel there are enough videos, we’ll make a batch torrent for them.

        Comedy MADs

        Title 【ネタ】ほむらちゃんシーンNG集【魔法少女まどか☆マギカ】
        Romaji Title 【Neta】Homura-chan Scene NG Shuu 【Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika】
        EN Title 【Neta】Homura-chan Scene N°G(ood) Collection 【Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika】
        Squartatore (Blunt) is a reference to the PSP game.

        Bottom right = Squartatore

        It’s Italian, and according to Google-sensei translates to “rip”. Jack lo squartatore = Jack the Ripper. In any case it means something like “ripping things to shreds.”

        The ボッシュート(bosshuuto) thing is from a Japanese variety show. It basically means to descend through the floor/stage/whatever. This is the only video on youtube I can find of the original, but you probably get the idea. Btw, ボッシュート is a combination of 没収(bosshu – forfeiture; seizure; confiscation; impounding) and ダストシュート(dust chute).

        You guys probably know what どや(doya) means by now if you’ve watched other stuff.
        Original Creator: TeShさん (sm15459655)
        Original Date: 2011/08/30
        Filesize: 68MB
        Length: 04:17

        Title 日常系アニメ「マジまどか魔法少女まだか」
        Romaji Title Nichijou-kei anime 「Maji Madoka Mahou Shoujo Madaka」
        EN Title Everyday style anime 「Serious Madoka Mahou Shoujo Madaka」
        日本語でおk(Nihongo de ok // Japanese is OK) is an internet thing. Whenever there are comments/posts in a foreign language (or just such bad/jumbled Japanese that it’s hardly legible), it is said. As for what Madoka-chan is saying in runes here, it’s the same as the actual scene. “Sayaka-chan? Stop, already! It’s Madoka!”

        The runes here say “madomado-”.

        どや(doya) = “How’s that?”/“How am I doing?”

        ざまぁあああwwwwww (Zamaaaaa) could be described as a word used to laugh at another person’s misforturne.

        Original Creator: bonosanさん (sm14451736)
        Original Date: 2011/05/14
        Filesize: 32MB
        Length: 03:57

        Title 美樹さやかがMに目覚めたようです
        Romaji Title Miki Sayaka ga M ni Mezameta you desu
        EN Title Miki Sayaka’s “M” side has woken up
        “M” stands for “Masochist”. The Japanese @ :43, 「すごく大きい・・・」(Sugoku Okii… // Really big…) sounds a little bit like “Sugoku ureshii” (really happy), and it was a comment on nico that made me laugh so I put it in the script. That’s a reference to kusomiso technique, if you’re oldschool & cool then you know it, if you’re not, then google it.

        Btw, MPC’s loop settings are under Options -> Playback.

        Original Creator: fillinさん (sm14209672)
        Original Date: 2011/04/20
        Song: In the Mood
        Filesize: 18MB
        Length: 01:11

        Title 変態少女ほむら☆マドカ
        Romaji Title Hentai Shoujo Homura☆Madoka
        EN Title Perverted Girl Homura☆Madoka
        “God has spoken… “This is not your appointed time to die.”“ is an El Shaddai reference. ほむホーム(Homu Home) is a nickname given to Homuhomu’s residence by fans.
        Original Creator: henryさん (sm14153198)
        Original Date: 2011/04/14
        Filesize: 29MB
        Length: 03:15
        Title まどかとほむらで恋愛サーキュレーション
        Romaji Title Madoka to Homura de Renai Saakyureeshon
        EN Title Madoka and Homura do Ren’ai Circulation
        Original Creator: 青りんごさん (sm14015359)
        Original Date: 2011/03/31
        Song: 恋愛サーキュレーション(Renai Circulation) from Bakemonogatari
        Filesize: 12MB
        Length: 01:30
        Title 危険なほむほむ
        Romaji Title Kiken na Homuhomu
        EN Title Hazardous Homuhomu
        Original Creator: 青りんごさん (sm13905742)
        Original Date: 2011/03/20
        Song: 対武器ボス戦(Fight Against an Armed Boss) from Super Mario RPG
        Filesize: 45MB
        Length: 01:20
        Title クズなまどか
        Romaji Title Kuzu na Madoka
        EN Title Trash Madoka
        どや(doya) = “How’s that” // “How am I doing?”
        Original Creator: コナピさん (sm13901202)
        Original Date: 2011/03/19
        Filesize: 28MB
        Length: 05:48
        Title 魔法少女まどか☆マギカでファンタCM
        Romaji Title Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika de FantaCM
        EN Title Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika does the Fanta commercials
        Original Creator: higunadoさん (sm13898127)
        Original Date: 2011/03/19
        Based on: Fanta commercials
        Filesize: 12MB
        Length: 02:16
        Title あいさつの魔法少女。 60秒
        Romaji Title Aisatsu no Mahou Shoujo。 60byou
        EN Title Mahou Shoujo of Greetings. 60 seconds
        Q: What is this video?
        A: tanasinn:∴∴∵
        Original Creator: NKNGさん (sm13885396)
        Original Date: 2011/03/17
        Based on: あいさつの魔法。 (Aisatsu no Mahou.)
        Filesize: 9MB
        Length: 01:01

        Title ほむらちゃほむほむ
        Romaji Title Homura-cha Homuhomu

        NTR is an abbreviation of 寝取られ(netorare – to steal another’s wife) which is a term born from galge in which the main heroine gets stolen away from you. A lot of people are into this kind of thing as a fetish, so being labelled as “NTR” usually implies that you’re enjoying watching/thinking about your previous lover now with another partner.

        The ざまぁあああwwwwww (Zamaaaaa) at the end (when QB gets owned) is an internet thing, I’d liberally translate it as “That’s what you get!” or something like that. Nico dictionary describes it like this: 「他人の失敗を嘲る語である。」(It is a word used to laugh at another person’s misforturne). This is a comment people spammed on this part of the video in the original, and it felt too empty to me without it there in some form. 肉(niku), which appears on QB’s forehead, means meat.

        The end of this video, the 食うかい(Kuukai – Would you like to eat? // Want a bite?), the “kuu” part of that could also be written as 空(air), so Kyouko is all like “Want some air?” Best pun. Also, 空海(Kuukai) is a famous person.

        Original Creator: bonosanさん (sm13720118)
        Original Date: 2011/02/26
        Song: Misirlou
        Filesize: 17MB
        Length: 02:48

        Title 5WAYマミさん
        Romaji Title 5WAY MAMI-SAN
        Original Creator: bonosanさん (sm13608929)
        Original Date: 2011/02/15
        Song: スターソルジャー(Star Soldier) bonosan remix
        Filesize: 11MB
        Length: 01:18

        Serious MADs

        Title 【MAD】魔法少女まどか☆マギカ【  ∞  】
        Romaji Title 【MAD】Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika 【  ∞  】
        【     】→【  ∞  】
        Original Creator: はるはゆるさん (sm18050286)
        Original Date: 2012/06/09
        Filesize: 92MB
        Length: 03:42
        Title 【まどか☆マギカ】さやかのテーマアレンジ【さやかMAD】
        Romaji Title 【Madoka☆Magika】Sayaka no te-ma arenji 【Sayaka MAD】
        EN Title 【Madoka☆Magika】Arrange of Sayaka’s Theme 【Sayaka MAD】
        According to Google-sensei, the German at the end means something like this: “I wanted only to hear him play one last time.” “Thank you, for reminding me of that again.”
        Original Creator: yukinekoさん (sm15289252)
        Original Date: 2011/08/12
        Filesize: 34MB
        Length: 05:15
        Title 【まどマギ】マミさんのテーマをイメージソング化してみた【アレンジ】
        Romaji Title 【MadoMagi】Mamisan no teemu wo imeejisongu kashitemita 【arenji】
        EN Title 【Madoka☆Magika】 Tried changing Mami-san’s theme into an image song 【Arrange】
        This archive provided in the original video’s description includes an MP3, off vocal version, and lyrics.
        Original Creator: A4さん (sm13939864)
        Original Date: 2011/03/23
        Filesize: 19MB
        Length: 04:22
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        1. permlink Apr 13, 12:11 PM
          Anonymous says:

          Niconico definitely has some hilarious Madoka MADs. My sides hurt from too much laughing during “Trash Madoka”. I’m looking forward to your future translations.

        2. permlink Apr 23, 05:46 PM
          LeafyVegetable says:

          The first one, mami’s thing. Gave it lots of thought, still can’t find the singer. Who sang it? Seemed pretty damn good to be fan dubbed.

          Also, not sure what the ‘lantern’ refers to, and why is she saying farewell? Any luck finding the context of this?

          The vocalist is named "Hatsune Miku", you may have heard of her.

          灯り (あかり/Akari, translated as "Lantern") in this song has a metaphorical meaning of being a bright spot in darkness. The first line it comes up in, "the light of this lantern was faintly shining" is as if to say that Mami-san herself was able to glow a little bit because of Madoka's companionship. The "Thank you for this lantern" is Mami-san thanking Madoka for the "light" of companionship among the "darkness" of being mahou shoujo.

          She's saying さよなら(sayonara, "farewell") because this song is directly about her death scene. Oh also, it's probably not related to the song, but my brain tied the whole "lantern" thing to the floating lights in episode 3's Mami-san/Madoka convo scene.

          Also that video is pretty good. I should translate some more of these soon.

        3. permlink Apr 25, 01:53 AM
          LeafyVegetable says:

          Dang I KNEW that voice was familiar. Very familiar.

          Thanks again, and damn this vid is great even though it’s just Mami’s benovalent gaze.

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