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        EN Title Minami-ke
        JP Title みなみけ
        Author 桜場コハル (Sakuraba Coharu)
        Status Incomplete
        Serialization 2004 to Present in Kodansha’s Young Magazine

        We’re picking up the Minami-ke manga by Sakuraba Coharu beginning with volume 6 for REASONS.

        Some information about the releases can be found below the release table.

        We’ve changed the fonts starting with chapter 113 to fonts that we’ve wanted to change to for a while now (but we kept forgetting to change to them).

        Volume Chapter Filesize Release Date DDL Online Reader
        6 102 20.8MB 2011-12-11 tri4 Batoto
        103 3.1MB 2011-12-11 tri4 Batoto
        104 2.3MB 2011-12-12 tri4 Batoto
        105 2.8MB 2011-12-14 tri4 Batoto
        106 2.8MB 2011-12-26 tri4 Batoto
        107 1.5MB 2012-03-15 tri4 Batoto
        108 1.7MB 2012-03-16 tri4 Batoto
        109 1.6MB 2012-05-16 tri4 Batoto
        110 1.55MB 2012-07-29 tri4 Batoto
        111 1.41MB 2012-07-30 tri4 Batoto
        112 1.46MB 2012-08-01 tri4 Batoto
        113 1.74MB 2012-08-01 tri4 Batoto
        114 1.53MB 2012-08-02 tri4 Batoto
        115 1.70MB 2012-08-03 tri4 Batoto
        116 1.60MB 2012-08-08 tri4 Batoto

        All images are saved in PNG format for release.

        We have selected fonts that we think are representative of the fonts used in the original manga. The fonts may change over time.

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        1. permlink Dec 12, 09:35 AM
          VawX says:

          well first, thanks for the release mmm…
          your plus points (for me at least) mmm…
          +1/ your translation is really good (simply easy to read) mmm…
          +2/ the T/N also very nicely served mmm…
          +3/ you tried to use the original Japanese term which I like it very much mmm…

          but there are still lacking things in your scanlation mmm…

          -1/ the letters are too small, use the bubble’s size to the fullest mmm…
          -2/ the font is too plain, try to use Wild Words which is a common font for scanlation, and try to use several fonts for different situations mmm…
          -3/ the brightness (or darkness) has to be adjusted, so it won’t be too dim, don’t ask me how because i’m not a part of a scanlator too mmm…

          over all, your scanlation is very great, keep up the good work and keep growing and evolving mmm…

          from a lowly leecher VawX mmm…

          Thanks for the comments. The fonts we are using are representative of the fonts in the original manga. In other words, we chose fonts that are similar to the original fonts in the manga. The number of fonts you see in our releases exactly reflects the number of fonts in the original manga.

          We will not use Wild Words or any other English, all-caps comic book fonts. As mentioned, we choose fonts that are similar to the fonts in the original manga. We are not sure what you mean by "brightness (or darkness)", but be assured that the cleaning and leveling done for our Minami-ke releases maintain the characteristics of the original tankoubon pages. Also be assured that the pages were cleaned and leveled by people with much experience in scanlation.

        2. permlink Dec 12, 08:16 PM
          VawX says:

          that’s it, i’m just someone who watch the scanlators, not one of the part of scanlation team currently mmm…

          if this is really the original taste of the manga than it’s perfect (at least for me, i love that) mmm…

          ah and… thanks again for the release mmm…

          The dialogue font we use is less bold than it is in the manga, but the font itself is quite similar to the font they use in the original manga. We chose to go with less bold, but we still believe that it is representative of the original manga. We are glad that you're able to enjoy the releases, and again, thanks for your comments.

        3. permlink Mar 13, 10:55 PM
          Lazystar says:

          Waiting more chapters! ^^

        4. permlink Mar 28, 04:51 PM
          rifter says:

          Thank you for the translations. Nice post picture, I never realized that both Misaka and Haruka were both voiced by the same person.

        5. permlink Jun 10, 01:47 PM
          Sxerks says:

          This project seems a little stalled.

        6. permlink Jul 31, 07:51 PM
          Barthandelus says:

          Just here to drop a generic thanks-for-your-hard-work reply! All of your work reeks of quality and this is no exception. It’s nice to add a simple to keep up with manga to my follows and Minami-ke has been quite entertaining. Your latest translation, Onigokko, had me cracking up.

        7. permlink Aug 1, 02:59 AM
          flashdisk says:

          Thanks for all the releases

        8. permlink Aug 11, 07:40 PM
          Mayur says:

          You guys are F’in AWESOME!!!! The quality of this series is amazing as heck!!! You make it easy to read and the font and its size are both perfect! And your rate of updating just made you one of my new favorites! I look forward to the next release, just can’t get enough of chapters that have both Haruka and Natsuki in them.

        9. permlink Oct 17, 11:06 PM
          Mayur says:

          Release sometime soon?

          Our manga translator has absent from the internet due to health related issues. He will be back and eager to release more Minami-ke (and Neptune) when he is able.

        10. permlink Feb 4, 08:01 PM
          hullo says:

          Has your translator recovered? My need for Miniami-ke knows no bounds!

        11. permlink Dec 5, 03:23 AM
          mysterious says:

          Is your manga translator still unwell?

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