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      1. 【Anime】 Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika

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        EN Title Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magika
        JP Title 魔法少女まどか☆マギカ
        Studio Shaft, Inc. // Nitroplus
        Sub Status Complete!
        BD Stats 1920×1080 crf14 Hi10P ~4700 kbps, 2.0 FLAC 24bit+AAC
        TV Stats 1280×720 ×264 1-9,12TBS/10-11MBS, AAC
        Aired 2011-1-6 to 2011-4-21
        Buy BDs Vol 1 2 3 4 5 6
        Downloads (BD) BakaBT // Nyaa
        Downloads (TV) batch (not yet)

        Madoka Theme

        July 15th Update: Regarding V3

        We are planning to do a V3 of the Bluray batch. There is nothing majorly wrong with the v2 batch to warrant a v3. We just want to keep working on the series. Improving the encode and minor script tweaks are all we can do at this point, but that is enough. Rehauling a decent amount of the TS may be nice too.

        Originally this V3 was planned to be with the Italian Blurays, however we are now considering different encoding techniques on the JP BDs. We have one group member, who isn’t working on Madoka PSP, that has been re-encoding again and again in attempts to make the best looking encode possible. He is making good progress, but he is very picky, and so until it’s actually as close to perfection as possible, he isn’t going to stop. Oh, if we do end up using the IT BDs, we will splice in the JP OP/EDs for JP credit text.

        In any case, I imagine that whether our new encode ends up being with the JP or IT BDs, it will definitely not happen until after the PSP game, and will more likely be near the release of our movie BDs. That is most likely at least a year off, if not longer.

        - End July 15th Update –

        Hi10P batch includes full series (+ audio commentary), drama CDs, notes, and various extras. Everything is TL’d by us unless otherwise noted in the batch’s readme file.

        Audio/subtitle tracks are:
        Audio Track 1: Main Dialogue, 2.0 FLAC 24bit
        Audio Track 2: Audio Commentary, AAC
        Subtitle Track 1: Main Dialogue, character-based color styles.
        Subtitle Track 2: Audio Commentary translation.
        Subtitle Track 3: Main Dialogue, colorless style.

        Drama CDs are AAC audio, 8bit video (still images). Sunny Day Life is sort of special, a hardsubbed manga video originally created by nico user Darksideさん.

        You can find supplementary (but optional) notes for every episode here. There’s also an article there that explains why we v2’d the entire batch. That article also serves as an error reporting page, so feel free to try to rip us apart.

        Our scripts are all here. If you have any problems with the colorless scripts muxed into the episodes, try the ones in that directory.

        Also, the Aoki Ume 4koma from the BD jackets can be seen translated by the Puella Magi Wiki in this gallery. We host an archive of them too. These strips have spoilers in them.

        We’re still making TV batch. We’ll finish it sometime. Right now the hold up is that we need to retime our BD scripts to TV. And we hate timing.

        Below is a table that summarizes info of each episode:

        Episode Script Screenshots Filesize CRC
        01 (Notes) .ass 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1.06GB E552B555
        02 (Notes) .ass 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1.06GB F16051FB
        03 (Notes) .ass 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1.18GB 4DF05BF4
        04 (Notes) .ass 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1.22GB 2A4DEB22
        05 (Notes) .ass 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1.23GB 2223D542
        06 (Notes) .ass 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1.05GB FF782C67
        07 (Notes) .ass 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1.27GB 0DA77772
        08 (Notes) .ass 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1.29GB B77C96AE
        09 (Notes) .ass 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1.27GB D882D77D
        10 (Notes) .ass 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1.13GB C18C80B5
        11 (Notes) .ass 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1.63GB 65B76EBC
        12 (Notes) .ass 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1.16GB E6E3C54F

        We’re working on extensive translator’s notes now. These are website only in-depth notes that weren’t included in the batch, but they are far from done atm.

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        1. permlink Jun 5, 03:27 AM
          DustZ says:

          Subbing commentary? Now that’s dedication.

        2. permlink Jun 5, 06:48 AM
          Pentao says:

          Really enjoyed this, the fact that you guys subbed the commentary is definitely a step above, and I’ll probably be using this for archive and re-watching purposes.

        3. permlink Jun 5, 09:59 PM
          Tama says:

          Good work.

        4. permlink Jun 16, 06:29 PM
          Osage says:

          You guys are great. Thank you so much!

        5. permlink Jun 16, 09:02 PM
          fri says:

          Thank you. Are you going to release BDs in 720p too or it’s out of question?

          We are not doing 720p BDs for Madoka. However, we are prepping a batch release of the episodes that aired on television, which are 1280x720.

        6. permlink Jun 19, 09:41 PM
          Anonymous says:

          The first episode script looks pretty good. However, shouldn’t the teacher’s line “Should a fried egg be overcooked or over easy!?” say “cooked over hard” instead of “overcooked”? Especially since she says “Either is acceptable!” right afterwards, and “overcooked” implies being cooked badly.

          I think the terminology here could be somewhat loose in English. However, your suggestion is more literal and clear. We'll edit it for the batch patch, thanks.

        7. permlink Jun 20, 11:08 PM
          johnny-sasaki says:

          I need some help,I can’t play the video.It just displays the text: “unable to render file”.It doesn’t make sense,because I use CCCP with CoreAVC and it plays Doki’s version of Madoka in 1080 perfectly.Do I need something else to play Tri4’s?

          No, you don't need anything more than that to play our releases. We tested this release on a fresh, default CCCP+coreavc setup, and it works. The first thing to do is verify your download by checking the CRC. If the file is correct, then after looking through the rest of that wiki article, you should probably head over to the CCCP forums for proper support. Resetting CCCP to default settings might work, or maybe just reinstall it. Good luck!

        8. permlink Jun 22, 06:51 AM
          Guest says:

          Thanks for translating the audio commentary. Did a great job of it.

        9. permlink Jun 22, 01:23 PM

          The link to the .ass gives me a 404.


        10. permlink Jun 22, 08:00 PM
          Guest says:

          Hey, are you planning to do the translation for the Magical Girls Tea Party too? It’s the bonus CD that came with Bluray 3.

          Yes, we also plan to do the drama CD that came with BD1, and any others that come out on future volumes. When? Sometime before the Bluray batch.

        11. permlink Jun 23, 10:40 AM
          Guest says:

          Oh, I wasn’t talking about the drama CD. Bluray 3 has both the drama CD “Sunny Day Life” and also for some people, a bonus CD called “Magical Girls Tea Party.” www.mediafire.com/?4srblba9r2qk7r6

          I was wondering if you planned to do the bonus CD too and not only the drama CDs. The bonus CD has seiyuu chat.

          Ah, sorry if our response was not clear enough. Yes, we plan to do the seiyuu chat 'Mahou Shoujo-tachi no Ochakai' which came on BD volume 3 in addition to the drama CDs.

        12. permlink Jun 23, 11:43 AM
          Guest says:

          That’s great to hear! Thank you.

        13. permlink Jun 26, 07:18 PM

          Thanks for the great work guys !

        14. permlink Jun 28, 08:12 AM
          Snork says:

          Kudos to you guys, subbed audio commentaries are rare, and getting one for my fave series is not something I’ve even dreamed about. Looking forward to more, and best of luck to you!

        15. permlink Jul 3, 10:08 PM
          Uwan says:

          Trillion Thank You! As a Madoka fan I’m like many others are dying to know more about the series, so the subbed audio commentary was a great help. Best wishes to your group.

        16. permlink Jul 14, 04:47 AM
          Primadog says:

          May Madokami’s blessing be upon you for your work for Her Poofiness!

        17. permlink Jul 14, 05:11 PM
          Guest says:

          Thanks for ep. 2. Both the subs and the audio commentary was well done. Ume Aoki is so soft-spoken she’s difficult to understand.

        18. permlink Jul 15, 08:32 PM
          Pentao says:

          Thanks for episode two as well! I will continue looking forward to your releases.

        19. permlink Jul 21, 08:01 AM
          paxi3123ti says:

          Subbed commentary… and it’s good subs too, a couple muffled missed lines aside (not a big deal in a fast-talking commentary). YOU ARE FUCKING HEROES. <3 <3

        20. permlink Jul 29, 01:39 AM

          sry for asking
          i’ve finished downloading the 1st BD
          but there are no Audio commentary (AAC)?
          where can i get that

          The commentary is in the file you downloaded. Switch audio & subtitle tracks to "track 2." I don't know what media player you're using, but under many common MPC setups, you can go to "Navigation" from the top toolbar to switch tracks. Otherwise google it, or leave another comment asking.

        21. permlink Aug 2, 11:20 PM
          xenolith says:

          I’m waiting for someone to translate the commentary so far, good work. I’m looking forward to the next one.

        22. permlink Aug 8, 08:21 AM
          1 says:

          Episode three! I have been dying to hear the commentary for this.

          Once again, thank you so much. I was always so sad that nobody ever translated the Bakemonogatari commentaries, so thank goodness someone stepped up for Madoka!

        23. permlink Aug 8, 07:31 PM

          Ep. 3 has the best commentary yet. Keep it coming, thanks.

        24. permlink Aug 9, 12:49 AM
          HCl says:

          It’s difficult to properly convey the depth of the happiness that I feel for you guys bothering to sub the commentary. I really, truly appreciate it. Thanks.

        25. permlink Aug 9, 06:29 PM

          I can only agree. You guys are awesome!

        26. permlink Aug 10, 09:19 AM
          Pentao says:

          Good work as usual!

          The VAs talking through the audition process is pretty amusing, lol at Homura’s VA trying to do Kyubey.

        27. permlink Aug 11, 12:08 AM
          Doop says:

          Sick update! Keep it up!

          Radical, bro!

        28. permlink Aug 11, 07:34 AM
          Snork says:

          >“We probably won’t bother if a competent (not NIS America) English localization company picks the game up in a reasonable amount of time”<

          Honestly, with the policy of Namdai’s western releases we’ll be lucky if ANY localization company gets it. After these guys left friggin’ THREE Tales installments on DS exportless, I have little hope in them.
          Best of luck with the fan translation, chances are you’ll be our only hope here, too.

        29. permlink Aug 19, 07:53 PM
          dusknoir26 says:

          Any idea if anyone is working on translating the novel?

          No, we aren't sure if anyone else is working on it right now. But, after the anime is behind us (for those who are curious on progress, at this rate, we're going to release a lot of episodes in the next month) we plan to do the novel to fill in the gap before the PSP game. No real promises on time frame from us, but it'll get done someday at least.

        30. permlink Aug 20, 08:38 PM
          a says:

          Why are you guys so awesome?

        31. permlink Aug 21, 10:31 AM
          Guest says:

          Good to see Grief Syndrome hasn’t slowed you guys down that much. Looking forward to more eps soon.

        32. permlink Aug 24, 10:56 PM
          Best says:

          Hi. Question for tri4. In episode 2F09, when Madoka plays Sayaka’s skeleton like a xylophone, she strikes the same rib twice in succession, yet she produces two clearly different tones. I mean, what are we to believe, that this is some sort of a… magic xylophone or something? Boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.

          I'll field that one.
          The name's QBee, and I rock the shoujo, I'm half uterus, and a third Mojo. I'm the contract sealer, from Grief Seed City, I'm a rappin' Emirin, you the girl I pity.

        33. permlink Aug 25, 12:40 AM
          alphamone says:

          Quick question, is there a link I can have to tell me how to use the ASS. files with my blu-rays on my computer. (I use powerdvd9)

          1) Stop using PowerDVD 2) Follow http://coalgirls.wakku.to/?page_id=4611. If you really insist on using PowerDVD (lol) then just make sure the ass files are in the same directory as your video, and the ass/encode share the same filename. No dude seriously, stop using PowerDVD.

        34. permlink Aug 25, 02:37 AM
          anon says:

          You guys are the greatest! Will you be releasing DDLs for any episodes besides the first?

          Yeah, sometime.

        35. permlink Aug 25, 08:09 AM
          alphamone says:

          I looked at the site, but it seems to be talking about using rips rather than using the subtitles with the actual, physical discs.

          According to this you can't load external subs from a "CD or DVD", but this is for PowerDVD6. This also only mentions "same directory." MPC should still be able to do it with a bit of extra hassle.

          None of us have tried what you're doing, so we can't really do anything except google for you. Whatever you use, you're probably gonna have to decrypt the BD first anyways. After you decrypt the files, load them up with MPC, and go to File -> Load Subtitle.

          Regardless, our encodes are pretty low CRF value and we don't use any video filters (keeping them as close to source as possible), so if you're having trouble, the rips should work, provided you can download them. Good luck.

        36. permlink Sep 4, 01:53 AM
          Doop says:

          Hey, when the next update gonna be?

          So anxious to listen to them commentary tracks!

          Tonight or tomorrow. We spent an extra long time on episode 4's commentary track, because it's Urobuchi Gen, and they talk about interesting topics.

          Update: We've still got a few eps on the horizon. "Tonight or tomorrow" obviously ended up being wishful thinking, but it won't be too much longer now.

        37. permlink Sep 4, 07:27 PM
          Saluki says:

          Hey guys, I really loved your translations for Madoka comedy MAD vids. Here’s another one I found similar:

          Would you like to translate this one too? I can do timing for the subtitles if you need more people. Cheers.


          http://tri4.net/subs/files/madomagi/videos/ = [Mado☆Magi MAD] Homura-chan NG Scene Shuu [English] [sm15459655].mkv

        38. permlink Sep 5, 01:51 AM
          Saluki says:

          ^ That was mind-bloggingly fast, thank you all!

        39. permlink Sep 6, 02:32 AM
          Primadog says:

          Awesome stuff, keep up the good work tri4!

        40. permlink Sep 9, 05:46 PM
          Let's go W-I-D-E-R says:

          >new eps soon

          My face widens in anticipation

          tri4, don’t let that new Grief Syndrome release with Moemura distract you (too much) from the cause!

        41. permlink Sep 10, 09:51 PM
          Pentao says:

          Fyeah Tri4!

        42. permlink Sep 10, 10:57 PM
          meork says:

          Hey, I’d just like to thank you for all the time and effort your putting into this show. It’s very much appreciated. You guys really seem to be going all out.


        43. permlink Sep 11, 01:43 AM

          I love you guys. Thank you. Ep. 4 was interesting and Ep. 5 was hilarious “I want to marry Kyouko!”

        44. permlink Sep 11, 04:16 PM
          a says:

          You guys are just awesome.

          “We take great confidence in having high-quality releases, but there’s always room for improvement.”
          This is what I like the most about you guys.

        45. permlink Sep 13, 04:18 PM
          Anon says:

          Oh my, I really gotta download these!

        46. permlink Sep 22, 09:35 PM
          LIS says:

          This is the best release out there. Good subs, good quality, and translated audio commentary. Better than Coalgirls who use crappy gg/yesy/Chihiro subs (yesy was okay but Chihiro… omfg they need a translator who can actually hear what the characters are saying). Also better than Zaockle-Tormaid which uses nutbladder subs (which I thought were the best compared to the other 3 alternatives) but they don’t have audio commentary. Thanks for doing this tri4 really appreciate it.

        47. permlink Sep 24, 09:22 PM
          bob says:

          Just watched ep3 with commentary. Nice! Played fine, but noticed something strange. When this file is loaded on MPC-HC and I open up the options menu, all the menu text is scrambled. Anyone else seen this? CRC matches. Also while DXVA works for most other mkvs I have, it doesn’t work on this one, is that normal?

          Thanks! I haven’t dled any other eps from tri4 yet.

          We don't know what to tell you. Can't replicate the MPC menu error either on our PCs or inside of test VMs, and DXVA is fine here.

          UPDATE: Apparently, this might have something to do with 64bit MPC-HC. A few of us experience a similar "messed up menus" issue with x64, but for some of us, it's fine. So still pretty much "dunno lol," but either way, screw 64bit MPC-HC hard, so on the off-chance that you are using it, stop. If you aren't using it, "dunno lol."

        48. permlink Sep 24, 11:13 PM
          Yagomoth says:

          All of Madoka BD files I have downloaded so far have little audio skips in the opening and endings. Is it just me? or do others have the same issue? At first I thought it was just a bad DLL but all of the episodes have the same problem, (though some are worse than others). Does anyone know what causes it.

          Maybe you'll get lucky and someone else with a solution will post here, but we can't replicate this. The OP/ED are somewhat intensive for this series (especially the OP's rain+running scene), but with decent hardware and properly setup playback, they'll play smoothly. You could try turning off subtitle animations, we use the \fad command in the OP & ED, and apparently that causes certain MPC setups to lag out.

        49. permlink Sep 26, 03:34 AM
          Taishou says:

          Pretty awesome :3. Comments <3. Do you plan to finish this “soon” or “whenever it’s finished”? Lol, I mean, weeks time or months time? :P Wanted to watch this and idk if DL some other 1080p encode and watch that or not waste bandwidth and wait a bit more for this ^_^

          We're aiming for batch in mid October. That doesn't mean we have a rigorous fansub action-plan with everything scheduled to fall into place, so don't take it that way. It's just a personal goal, we can't give anything more than that. Well, things are moving along well, though.

        50. permlink Sep 26, 10:38 PM
          Lawl Lawlsworth says:

          Really glad to see someone subbing the commentary.

          Is it possible for you to release the commentary audio + subtitle track separately? I already have the 720p BDRips from another source, and my computer can’t really run 1080p files, so I don’t want to download 1GB files just to listen to the commentary.

          If you’re willing to do so, you don’t have to put up a torrent; just a DDL on MediaFire or MegaUpload will do.


        51. permlink Sep 30, 10:41 PM
          tinpopo says:

          Love these, love you. Thank you! Hope you’ll be able to keep the mid-Oct. “deadline” as now I’m itching to rewatch these, but alas.. the first ep gave me plenty of reason to wait for your subs.

          I’m also so happy that, so far, they work perfectly fine on Doki’s 720p (bar episode 4, but thankfully shifting times is the easiest thing one can do if it’s the same amount for every line lol), ‘cause unfortunately 1080p lags a bit on my laptop.

          So, yea… tl;dr: Just another person saying thank you!

        52. permlink Oct 21, 01:04 AM
          anon says:

          just asking , are you guys going to sub the special eps ,@nico-nico at 19 october?
          anyway, thanks for the fast commentary subs

          Hate to break it to you but the "special" you're referring to isn't special episodes, just a nico live special marathon broadcast. They've done it once before, aimed towards Taiwanese viewers. This time it was just a general broadcast. Admittedly, when we first saw the title of that nico live page, we flipped out for a split second too, lol.

        53. permlink Oct 27, 11:06 AM
          KK says:

          Which program do you guys use for making your .ass?

          Umm... We use Aegisub for timing/TS'ing and Notepad++/MPC-HC for TL'ing/editing.

        54. permlink Oct 27, 11:24 PM
          a says:

          Thanks for keeping us updated.

        55. permlink Nov 1, 06:40 PM
          jonjonaug says:

          Are you guys still planning on doing the light novels?


        56. permlink Nov 2, 10:58 PM
          Taishou says:

          Hope you don’t mind if I ask… what area are the rest episodes hung up on? Commentaries TL? ( I guess those are a bitch to TL… :P). Faito :3

          Commentary TL does take awhile, mostly just to make out what people are saying. The last two episodes have five commentators per track, so they're harder over-all. Then there's making sure commentary is actually accurate - we spend a lot of time re-checking stuff since no transcriptions or anything exist. But the final tracks are coming along pretty well at the moment. Earlier episodes (7-10) are held up on typesetting. One of the staff members (the translator) can begin putting in long days again though, so stuff, including TS, will get done in the next few weeks.
          Feito :3

        57. permlink Nov 4, 08:31 PM
          Shazay says:

          Looking forward to the 7-12 batch. Thanks!

        58. permlink Nov 5, 09:29 AM
          Kettch says:

          You guys are doing a great job with the commentaries. I’m still hoping for Bakemonogatari commentary subs someday, but this was a very pleasant surprise to come across in the meantime.

          Thanks a bunch.

        59. permlink Nov 10, 02:38 PM
          Guest says:

          Hoping the TL process is going well. Just posting to mention you might want to get rid of the youtube links since it’s suspended.

          Thanks, we give up on youtube.

        60. permlink Nov 13, 09:42 AM
          AB says:

          How long are the novels?

          304P // 328P. There's also a full color mini-visual collection, 32P.

        61. permlink Nov 14, 02:33 AM
          Guest says:

          How will you be handling the novel release? Releasing a chapter at a time? A few chapters? By book?

          We will be releasing by chapter. As for release format... txt and pdf, maybe an html version(? downloadable+readable on site?). I dunno. We'll figure it out.

        62. permlink Nov 14, 07:16 AM
          Madoka Fan says:

          Just wanted to say, thanks for the commentary translation. Its wonderful to understand the seiyuu’s thoughts on the episodes.

        63. permlink Nov 20, 05:48 PM
          Anonymous says:

          How is it progressing?


          Pretty good, pretty good. You'll just have to be patient for a while longer.

        64. permlink Nov 20, 10:00 PM
          Guest says:

          It would be nice if we saw a small release of a couple episodes sooner to give us something while we wait, rather than a big release of everything plus extras later.

          Here is a very little something. I'll upload eps 8 and 9 there at some point over the next week, and update the main post when I do. Even though you guys don't see any progress, it is still being made. Next time we'll just say "We aren't dead." Thanks.

        65. permlink Nov 22, 02:36 PM
          Guest says:

          Thanks very much! It’s not that I thought you all were dead. Merely selfishness to see something sooner.

        66. permlink Nov 23, 07:40 PM
          meork says:

          regarding the novel releases: epub is a great format, especially for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc). if i’m not mistaken it’s basically html in a zip file with some metadata with the book info (author, chapter markers, etc)

          perhaps not as practical for individual chapter releases but for entire books it’s great

          Yeah, we read up on a few things and it sounds like epub is a pretty nice format. Might be the way to go for volume releases, maybe epub+pdf, but doing it all correctly is a bit time consuming, no big deal though. Chapter releases are gonna be relatively slapped-together-ish txt or html, but we'll spend a lot of time getting the volume releases right in proper formats.

        67. permlink Nov 25, 04:21 AM

          Not only are you translating the commentaries, but you you’re also following it up with the Nitroplus novels? And if you find a person well versed enough in the inner workings of PSP, you also intend to translate the PSP game!?

          I love you guys.

        68. permlink Nov 30, 11:33 PM
          Randomanon says:

          Thanks for your work, tri4 as well as the shout-out to our wiki pages. symbv, our main translator, I, and others appreciate it.

          I have a request…is it possible to get text files of the .ass for the audio commentaries with only the translation text? It’s something symbv wanted to see and I’d find it useful to pull out quotes. If you prefer not to host them, you can send them to the email used for this post. Much appreciate if you can. If not, I can manage it manually.

          Since you like games, I don’t know if you’ve seen the vids for Mobage Madoka mobile game with new magical girls, witches and side stories to the anime episodes.

          You can also track the latest changes to documents pages on the wiki now as well – Documents Status Updates


        69. permlink Dec 5, 07:11 PM
          LIS75 says:

          It’d be great if you guys can put your supplementary notes in PDF format or a HTML archive for us to download (cause they’re awesome). Just a thought.

        70. permlink Dec 8, 09:47 PM
          Kesra says:

          Let me just say, the dedication here is exactly the ideal for a fansub group.

          Seriously, you guys blow me away.

          I just began work on my group’s own first project, and we’re 100% new to this fansub game.

          Not lying here, this totally inspires me to do my best. I just finished editing the script for our first ever release, and now I want to do another TLC pass.

          Superior work.
          Thank you.

        71. permlink Dec 10, 01:19 PM

          I’m still (patiently) waiting.

          Keep at it!

        72. permlink Dec 10, 07:19 PM
          Anonymous says:

          /a/ told me you guys anticipate being done this month. Is it true?

        73. permlink Dec 12, 03:33 AM
          stocke says:

          hope somebody encode this to 480p, because my net is too slow but I only want the best subs.

        74. permlink Dec 12, 03:39 AM
          stocke says:

          well I just noticed I can download just the .ass(subtitle file?), if I mux it in with another mkv file, I can just choose this sub and it will work? Then the only problem will be commentaries, I guess.

          We won't touch anything like 480p, but e-mail us for another idea we have.

        75. permlink Dec 17, 07:42 PM
          ernst says:

          commentaries(audio and sub) should be downloadable separately too.

        76. permlink Dec 17, 08:00 PM
          erejnion says:

          Cudos to you, guys, for translating the commentary! Just… wow.

        77. permlink Dec 20, 07:58 PM
          CarVac says:

          Awesome stuff! Thank you so much for the commentary translations. Personally, I can’t wait for the 10-bit encodes… ::drool::

          Anyway, error report: I noticed in the first episode ED, the line ‘Tell the lie “We’ll meet again”’ is missing the Japanese subtitling.

          What? I'm not sure why it wouldn't be displaying for you, does anyone else have this problem?

        78. permlink Dec 20, 08:42 PM
          CarVac says:

          Wow, fast response! I just checked episode 2, and it happens again there, so it must be on my end. All I see are the bracket quote marks close together and two black underscore-like short dashes, one within the quotes and one right afterwards. I’m running the latest mplayer2 on Linux.

        79. permlink Dec 20, 11:47 PM
          jonjonaug says:

          Thank you very much for continuing to sub the DVD/BD commentary for this series. While I have all three limited edition volumes on preorder from Aniplex USA, it doesn’t look like they’ll be including these on those releases, so it’s great that someone sees it as worthwhile to translate.

        80. permlink Dec 21, 12:22 AM
          stocke says:

          anyone has links of audio commentaries of ep1-6, I can’t just download 1GB for 1 commentary. Thank goodnes, 480p of ep7-9 are still around.
          The feel is different if I’m just watching with commentary subs + main audio(instead of commentary audio).

          Thank you for your comments. Sorry, we have no plans to release audio commentary audio at the moment. Temporary 480p video sources are up for our temporary commentary scripts, but they are temporary, and we won't be properly releasing any 480p encodes. If your problem is a bandwidth quota, and not an outdated computer which cannot handle 1080p files, then e-mail us.

        81. permlink Dec 21, 12:34 AM
          CarVac says:

          I downloaded Aegisub and played around with the script file, and it seems that Mplayer2 interprets the \fs0 tag literally as zero font size, but changing that to \fs (or \fs80, the normal fontsize of the style) fixed the issue.

          The \r tag should have worked, but the quote brackets became really small so just removed the zero. This also came up in Magia, though when I fixed it, the parenthesized text in both Japanese and English overlapped the main part of the line so they needed positioning correction. In Magia, the \r tag worked better since the parenthesized English text was for some reason really dark.

          The \fs issue happens quite often, including in commentary (the first two lines of episode 6’s commentary are particularly bad offenders), though not universally; it’s done correctly some places.

          Basically, removing the 0 from all instances of \fs0 fixes a lot, though not the placement issues I encountered in Magia. If these changes work on other players too, please consider adding them in, though I don’t know what you could do about the placement differences between whatever you’re using to check and Mplayer2 (unless you right-align the parenthesized stuff, perhaps).

          Ah, so mplayer is like that. This behavior was only implemented in pretty new versions of Aegisub - in older versions, "\fs0" would simply reset font size to a style's default (in fact I think the "0" was added onto closing fs tags by default, but I can't remember exactly). Anyways, upon noticing it behaving differently now, we've fixed all the scripts accordingly. These fixed scripts will be released in both our 10bit and 8bit batches. Note that the recently released episode 8-9 commentary temp scripts don't have this problem (all \fs is closed with just \fs). Also, this issue doesn't happen on MPC. Thanks a bunch for your comments and investigation.

        82. permlink Dec 21, 03:16 AM
          CarVac says:

          A few more errors: ep9 commentary typo: ‘explaination’ at 7:38.

          ep9 typesetting problems at 12:25 and 13:06 (at least in mplayer2, on the 480p temp raws); the small text doesn’t line up well for me

        83. permlink Dec 21, 03:36 AM
          CarVac says:

          More comments: The background at 4:47 in episode 4 (normal track) doesn’t typeset cleanly on my system (same as before, mplayer2 on linux). It avoids Saotome-sensei pretty much perfectly, but the outside edges are cut off awkwardly and inconsistently (they wiggle around a bunch). I don’t know whether or not they are intentionally cut off, but I don’t think the wiggly edges should be there. What is supposed to happen?

          (also: holy shit whoever typeset that is a god I shouldn’t really be complaining i mean really that script is double the size of most of the other ones)

          We talked with CarVac and most these issues were sorted out, it was not our scripts, he was using an outdated libass; if you have similar issues, try updating.

        84. permlink Dec 21, 03:44 AM
          stocke says:

          My net is just insanely slow, well…I just hope googling for audio links will solve my problem.

          Man we've been trying to get you to email us for awhile now.

        85. permlink Dec 21, 08:45 AM
          stocke says:

          my bad, sending email now.
          I’m trying to find an audio solution but all links I find are deleted now.

        86. permlink Dec 21, 04:19 PM
          creaothceann says:

          I’m uploading the audio tracks here:

          07, 08 and 09 are larger due to being FLAC and will take some time.

        87. permlink Dec 21, 05:57 PM
          stocke says:

          wow, thanks a bunch!

          Probably wrong place to ask this but does Steins;Gate includes commentaries?

          You're right, this was the wrong place. No, it doesn't have DVD/BD audio commentary. It has a radio show and some game commentary. We have no plans to do either.

        88. permlink Dec 25, 02:46 AM
          ernst says:

          when is the next update?

        89. permlink Dec 26, 10:31 AM
          Anonymous says:

          Episode 10 commentary? It’s a Christmas miracle!

        90. permlink Dec 26, 04:09 PM

          great, thank you!

        91. permlink Jan 1, 06:54 AM
          Auld says:

          new year update?

          Don't you know? Around here new years celebration is shifted a week back, since that is the anniversary of Madoka.

        92. permlink Jan 1, 10:48 PM
          Anonymous says:

          >Don’t you know? Around here new years celebration is shifted a week back, since that is the anniversary of Madoka.

          You aren’t trying to tell us something here, are you?

        93. permlink Jan 5, 09:39 AM
          ernst says:

          I thought the wait will be over before new year…well, as long as it ends up good.

        94. permlink Jan 7, 06:36 PM
          Auld says:

          Atleast there is a date. Oh, I hope it is 10, or better, make it 8!

        95. permlink Jan 10, 07:19 AM
          Anonymous says:

          The wait is so much worse now, for some reason. ;_;

        96. permlink Jan 11, 06:18 PM
          Stocke says:

          Now, where is that update?

        97. permlink Jan 11, 06:48 PM
          Anonymous says:

          Jan 10 or 11th means before 11:59 January 11th, Hawaii Time. Still got a few more hours to go.

        98. permlink Jan 11, 07:48 PM
          Stocke says:

          I was mislead by the time shown in the posts, which currently shows Jan 12…

        99. permlink Jan 12, 05:12 AM
          Edwin says:

          when will the TV batch be up?

          Next few days sometime.

        100. permlink Jan 12, 05:36 AM
          sharm says:

          OMG you guys subbed the commentaries! You legends!!! But will it be possible to put up the .ass files of just the commentary subs please?

        101. permlink Jan 12, 06:33 AM
          ACrazyOldMan says:


        102. permlink Jan 12, 06:46 AM
          Randomanon says:

          Thanks for all the great work in getting this done. This will keep me busy for a while. The best part was seeing the commentary in ep. 12 on season 2…and Urobuchi’s endless trolling. Happy end? Not a happy end? We’ll never know until we see it.

        103. permlink Jan 12, 07:44 AM
          tri4 says:

          We've decided not to bother releasing an 8bit batch unless there's enough demand (since it's fairly easy for us to do at this point, we don't mind if people really want it for some reason).

          So let us know.

        104. permlink Jan 12, 08:11 AM
          H says:

          Will any of these releases be available via xdcc or ddl?

          ... There are DDL links in the post. Look at the table that you probably tl;dr'd. The drama CDs will be up for DDL soon. We don't have an xdcc bot.

        105. permlink Jan 12, 08:18 AM
          1 says:

          You have completed a masterpiece.

          One of the best, and most important releases in the history of fansubbing.

          I bow to you.

        106. permlink Jan 12, 09:18 AM
          Jonathan Strange says:

          Let me thank you for putting all the work into this great release. You’re awesome.

        107. permlink Jan 12, 09:58 AM
          Anonymous says:

          “This file is not a collaboration file and is too big to be downloaded by free users.”

          Anyone else find the FileSonic links not working?

        108. permlink Jan 12, 10:47 AM
          tinpopo says:

          I already had the first 6 episodes – have any of those been v2d in either regular or commentary subs? Apart, of course, from the v2s released prior to the batch.

          Yes. A lot has changed in both the regular subs and commentary since our 8bit releases. Our batch is full of 10bit encodes which are better quality (with a smaller filesize bonus) than the 8bits, too. It'd be best just to re-download them.

        109. permlink Jan 12, 11:36 AM
          fri says:

          God donut, looks like I can’t post a comment on nyaatorrents for some reason.

          After seeking though a few files I’ve downloaded so far, I noticed that there’s a problem with special characters in the font used: bit.ly/yA1fAL
          Also, you kept the video interlaced: bit.ly/yMueCj
          I don’t know if the same applies to actual episodes, but from the time you spent polishing this release I assume you wanted to make it perfect.

          The typesetting in those is flawless, but I’m pretty sure the color-coded dialogues will annoy the hell out of me and I’ll have to change the default track to non-color-coded one.

          The CMs are the best source we could find. Yes, one of them is interlaced. Of course they are completely different from the episodes themselves. They are not perfect. They are an extra we added for fun, that's all. Don't take them too seriously. Also, this.

        110. permlink Jan 12, 02:13 PM
          Kaizora says:

          I love you guys. Thank you so so much!

        111. permlink Jan 12, 02:50 PM
          Shazay says:

          Fantastic release. Thank you very much.

        112. permlink Jan 12, 03:06 PM
          Vented says:

          Ugh…I want to DL the BD releases so badly (even though I’ve already got Doki), but my laptop’s max resolution is 720p (1366×768)…:(

          Should I just wait for the TV release batch (1280×720) or should I DL the BD releases (1920×1080) and just watch it downsized?

          Personally, I'd watch the BDs on your laptop. SHAFT has made a lot of animation improvements and other small additions.

        113. permlink Jan 12, 04:12 PM
          Vexed says:

          You are the only group that did this series justice. Anyone can encode 1080p 10bit but not everyone takes the time to sub the commentaries and do detailed notes like you guys, not to mention great translation. Thank you.

        114. permlink Jan 12, 06:31 PM
          dusknoir26 says:

          I would appreciate it if you made a 8bit batch. When I try to convert 10bit the files lag on my xbox360.

        115. permlink Jan 12, 07:12 PM
          sharm says:

          Will it be possible to put up the .ass files of just the commentary subs please?

          Please read the post next time. These scripts have been up since the dawn of time.

        116. permlink Jan 12, 07:58 PM
          sharm says:

          i tried downloading the .ass available but it only seemed to contain the episode subs, not the commentary one… i’m aware of switching tracks so i tried going to the “subtitles” but the only one available in the .ass was the episode sub only. Did i miss something???

          You missed something.

        117. permlink Jan 12, 08:00 PM
          Arfmoo says:

          Yes Sharm, you forgot your intelligence.

        118. permlink Jan 12, 11:07 PM
          tony says:

          Hello. What media player do you recommend for viewing the BDs? I’m using VLC and at the beginning of each episode it is pixelated. I use VLC for my Mushishi BDs and they work fine. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you for your time and your hard work. :D

          Use this guide. Thanks for your comment.

        119. permlink Jan 13, 01:12 AM
          Pentao says:

          Fantastic! Thank you very much for the dedication to this project! I will most likely also go to you guys for Steins;Gate as well.

        120. permlink Jan 13, 01:17 AM
          Stocke says:

          I watched this series before using either Yesy or Chihiro subs, your subs are definitely much better.

          eh, the previous subs got updated? Guess I’ll just redownload them.

        121. permlink Jan 13, 07:00 AM
          Stocke says:

          It’ll be nice if you guys uploaded the necessary fonts as well…
          I can just read the script to know what fonts are necessary but still…

        122. permlink Jan 13, 01:28 PM
          Jonathan Strange says:

          Extracted fonts


        123. permlink Jan 13, 05:04 PM
          Sawa-chan says:

          Just wanted to say that you guys are awesome! Can’t thank you enough for this fantastic release…

        124. permlink Jan 13, 06:12 PM
          Stocke says:

          @Jonathan Strange
          thanks! I think these subs are showing up in the right way now.

        125. permlink Jan 13, 10:35 PM
          ernst says:

          who would watch the TV when the BD is available?
          Plus, there are improvements.

          We're making a TV batch for posterity. A lot was changed/improved in the BDs, which is exactly what makes having the original TV version around interesting. And there a few changes that most fans consider a step backward, though everyone naturally agrees BDs are much better overall.

          Madoka is a classic, so it's worth keeping the two vastly different versions around. That's what we think.

        126. permlink Jan 14, 11:53 AM
          Edwin says:

          Is the episode 12 in the batch the director’s cut version?

        127. permlink Jan 14, 04:21 PM
          1 says:

          “Is the episode 12 in the batch the director’s cut version”
          They’re using a BD source, and I think the “director’s cut” is the only version there is on the disc. I haven’t checked my BD to be sure though.

        128. permlink Jan 14, 08:48 PM
          Vented says:

          What exactly are the differences between the BD release and the original TV release? Are they subtle changes or quite noticeable ones?

          As a suggestion, perhaps you may want to add in some notes about the changes between the two…then again, it might be better for viewers to pick out the differences…

        129. permlink Jan 15, 12:04 AM
          Vented says:

          For one of the CMs, the subs, audio and video are kind of screwed up (BD CM 2), where at the start it plays perfectly fine, then the subs delay and aren’t in sync with the video, followed by a stall at the end of the video where the duration extends beyond it’s defined time, and the video superspeeds.

          We cannot reproduce this. The typesetting on those CMs can be intensive, maybe you're lagging?

        130. permlink Jan 15, 02:40 AM

          are you guys planning to release the Commentary Audio tracks?

          No plans to do so atm.

        131. permlink Jan 15, 09:51 PM
          Seto Sun says:

          Damn!!! This is probably the best Blu-ray release in my opinion… Everything is translated (even those commentaries). Anyway great job guys, I hope you’ll pick some more animes in the near future. :)

        132. permlink Jan 16, 09:17 PM
          anon says:

          i can’t find the file “Mahou Shoujo-tachi no Ochakai” on your releases, or you haven’t finish translating it yet?
          sry to bother

          Right, we didn't include that in our batch. You can see something like our "general to do list" on our project page. The CD you're referring to would be BD3's seiyuu chat CD. We'll get to it.

        133. permlink Jan 16, 09:18 PM
          Oberonbob says:

          Thank you guys very much for all of your hard work on this. It is greatly appreciated.

          I hear the Bakemonogatari commentary tracks are done in character. It would be a real treat to see that translated. :D

          Thanks again.

        134. permlink Jan 17, 01:55 AM
          1 says:

          Heh, yeah, I hinted at them a ways back. Having tri4 tackle the Bake commentaries would be amazing. It’s sad knowing I’ve got the BDs on my shelf but can’t experience those no doubt wonderful commentaries.


          Granted, there’s a lot I’d love to see tri4 do and there are only so many hours in a day…

        135. permlink Jan 17, 06:46 AM
          Snork says:

          Thank you EVER SO MUCH. (bows)

        136. permlink Jan 18, 06:47 PM
          anon says:

          thank you sir, you have made my day
          glad to know you’re going to sub every madoka franchise

        137. permlink Jan 24, 10:31 PM
          tony says:

          Thank you for helping me out with the media player. I was able to watch the anime perfectly. Awesome effort and a job well done. I’m looking forward to Steins;Gate and the rest of Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika. I would give you all a hug, but since I can’t, here is an epic smiley face for everyone.



        138. permlink Jan 25, 12:48 AM
          majo says:

          I can’t tell the difference from the three…maybe I’m colorblind to that purple tint?

          It's fairly slight, and really only noticeable on grays... but it is very noticeable there. Check the second screenshot in that forum post. Elysium vs us. To be honest we didn't even notice that this was an issue at first, but it is, and it is sorta major, so we'll re-encode. Apparently the new x264 build will have slightly better banding too. So that's cool.

        139. permlink Jan 25, 02:07 PM
          BabyfaceBenny says:

          What are the scripts all about? Are they for applying to a raw? How exactly do you apply them?

          Thanks in advance for any answer.

          The scripts are offered for people who want the scripts, lol. You can probably apply them to video sources released by other groups (raw or otherwise), but we haven't tried any, and it's likely that they'll be a few frames off, so you'd have to adjust them yourself in aegisub.

          Also, our scripts have the entire series' original dialogue in Japanese commented into them, which is also useful to some people.

          The .ass files currently uploaded do have a couple very minor changes to some typesetting-related stuff, but when we re-encode the series to fix the purple coloring issue, we'll also mux in these slightly tweaked scripts, so yeah.

        140. permlink Jan 27, 03:27 PM
          Andromeda says:

          I can see a loooot of work went into this.

          Thank you.

        141. permlink Jan 31, 12:57 AM
          zergl says:

          Incredible dedication, so first and most importantly, thank you so much for this! It was enough to get me to start pulling the trigger on buying the BDs each month (I don’t have a BD player at all).

          Will there be a final update announcement when the reencode is completed? I see the Hi10p batch page is still up, but I assume it’d be a good idea to wait until you’ve got your reencode done.

          If you want the absolute best quality, it'd be a good idea to wait. Yes, we'll remake the batch torrent and update this post when we re-encode. We'll start re-encoding any day now... just waiting on official x264.

        142. permlink Feb 1, 12:07 AM
          zergl says:

          Thanks for your reply. I’ve been looking forward to it and it’ll be a rewatch for me anyway, so I don’t mind waiting an extra couple of weeks at this point or whatever it takes at all. That much closer to the third movie as well! Thanks again to your attention to detail with all this. I do a fair amount of graphics design and thus have to deal with color spaces, calibration and the like consistently, and I can appreciate how easy it can be for colors not to come out just right. As you said, it’s subtle in a case like this, just a minor cast in certain areas, but it make a difference. Take care (and then we can all look forward to the 4k remaster encoded in the latest 14-bit x265 piped to our retinal imaging displays in 2018 right? :p)

        143. permlink Feb 2, 03:03 PM
          Progeusz says:

          Wow, I’m impressed. So much work put into this release… Downloading right now.
          One of the best series I’ve ever seen, can’t wait for glorious 1080p 10-bit rewatch with top quality subs.

        144. permlink Feb 7, 08:58 AM
          Comp1337 says:

          Any ETA on the reencode?

        145. permlink Feb 26, 09:42 PM
          sudolicious says:

          thank you guys so much for doing this. All the extras are amazing, especially the translated commentary. still hoping for someone to translate the bakemonogatari once

        146. permlink Mar 6, 05:05 PM
          Someone says:

          Your files have rather big sizes (though they may not be big relatively). Can you say why?

        147. permlink Mar 9, 11:50 PM
          Can't afford a nice machine says:

          ha ha ha… I’m waiting for 720p… thank you

        148. permlink Mar 11, 07:53 AM
          Chuu says:

          Thank you so much! You did an incredible job!

        149. permlink Mar 14, 06:03 PM
          Liger says:

          Hey you guys. I just wanted to say thanks so much for subbing the audio commentary. I really love watching these. It’s a lot of fun for me to get to know the people who work on the show and their thoughts about it, even if they’re kind of silly and not always that informative, or even relevant sometimes hahah. Sadly, but understandably, audio commentary is not often subbed, so I really thank you all so much for this. Changing the font color for each speaker is a great idea, too. I can’t remember how many times I got confused who was talking while watching the commentary for Eureka Seven.

          I also took a quick look at your in-depth translation notes and I must say I’m really impressed and applaud your effort. Your enthusiasm and passion for translating really moves me, and I can only hope I can some day match it. I don’t often re-watch series, but seeing how much you all care about the quality and accuracy of your translations made me reconsider. Please keep up the stellar work and I hope to see more great things from you all!

        150. permlink Mar 16, 04:56 AM
          BabyfaceBenny says:

          I’m still getting the purple-ish distortion thing when I open it with DA Player, it just comes up with a green screen with audio when I open it up with VLC Media Player and SMP Player doesn’t do much of anything.

          Is there something I’m possibly doing wrong (like needing to manually update them or something)?

          First question: You downloaded the new batch, right? Everything has been completely re-encoded.

          You probably should not use any of those players you mentioned. If you really don't know what's what, you should just uninstall all video players and uninstall all codecs. Then, install ffdshow, Haali splitter, and use MPC HC x86.

          In MPC HC, set EVR Custom Pres if you are running Vista/7, and uncheck everything in Transform Filters under Internal Filters in MPC HC options. Then, if you want DXVA playback (assuming your video card supports it), check H264/AVC (DXVA) and VC1 (DXVA) and MPEG-2 Video (DXVA). Note that DXVA will not work on tri4 Madoka because Madoka is 10-bit.

          Unfortunately, we will not be providing much playback support because there are plenty of guides out there for Japanese cartoon video playback. However, I suggest not using so many players, and I especially suggest against using SMPlayer (aka mplayer) and VLC.

        151. permlink Mar 16, 06:50 AM
          BabyfaceBenny says:

          I… but… what…?

          I guess I’ll try that, thanks.

        152. permlink Mar 16, 07:50 AM
          BabyfaceBenny says:

          Okay, I know you said you wouldn’t be providing much support on this, but could I get a few things verified (it’s all a bit to take in)?

          -MPC HC is my default player and Haali Splitter and ffdshow automatically perform some kinds of functions that help specific files play, correct?
          -I couldn’t find any options for MPC HC, and I’m having trouble with the concept of what DXVA playback is. I opened an episode with MPC HC without doing anything special and it worked just fine. Do I need to worry about anything?

          Thanks for all the help you guys have given, and more importantly thank you for the work on this project overall! (I love you)

          You can access MPC HC options by pressing O, or by right-clicking on the video area and clicking on Options near the bottom.

          MPC HC is like the best video player ever (use x86, not x64 version). Haali Splitter is just a splitter for MKV containers (it's better than MPC HC's internal splitter). As for ffdshow, it's basically a decoder (and encoder if you need) that'll basically let your computer play almost any video format ever (except for a few proprietary things like Quicktime or whatever bads). You don't really need to worry about the specifics; basically you should be able to watch almost any video now.

          I forgot to mention, in addition to the instructions in your other post about MPC HC options, in MPC options: Filters → Internal Filters, in Source Filters make sure Matroska is unchecked. This window is also where you find the Transform Filters I mentioned earlier.

          DXVA is DirectX Video Acceleration. It's for video cards that support it (basically any video card by NVIDIA that isn't 1000 years old, and newer integrated Intel graphics) and for video encoded in ways compatible with DXVA. In super simple terms, it means you offload video playback decoding or whatever to your GPU instead of using only your CPU. Anyway, DXVA doesn't matter for tri4 Madoka because DXVA won't work for it no matter what; but having DXVA set up is just nice.

          Try watching an 8-bit h264 release by another group; if you followed all my instructions about MPC HC options, it'll use DXVA playback if your GPU supports it. You can tell if something is using DXVA in MPC HC by looking at the bottom left of MPC HC when a video is playing. It'll say something like "Playing [DXVA]". It won't say "[DXVA]" if the file isn't compatible with DXVA or if your GPU doesn't support DXVA.

          But if everything is working fine, then you don't need to do anything.

          Note: I should mention, there are several ffdshow builds floating around the Internet. I suggest using the 32 bit builds posted on http://x264.nl/ if you aren't using that.

        153. permlink Mar 16, 08:42 AM
          BabyfaceBenny says:

          Everything’s working swimmingly now, thank you for the extensive help!

        154. permlink Apr 9, 05:41 PM

          I just wanted to say thank you for this. This is, undoubtedly, the best release of anything I’ve seen anywhere. The amount of the dedication and love you have for this property shows and we can all benefit from it.

          The commentaries are so fun to watch; They’re almost as interesting and enjoyable as the show itself. I find the time just wasting away listening to these women talk about the show and I thank you for allowing me to understand it.

        155. permlink Apr 11, 06:38 PM
          BabyfaceBenny says:

          Tri4-san is so cool, if I could be someone like that I’d be happy I think.

        156. permlink Apr 16, 08:37 PM
          naaaaah says:

          mmmm, .it blueray? aren’t those supposed to be 25fps?

        157. permlink Apr 16, 09:17 PM
          Fei says:

          The .it bluray is 23.976. Look at this post after the box pics for the summary of the disc specs:

        158. permlink Apr 17, 08:33 PM
          naaaaah says:

          mmm, 23.976 indeed.
          btw, removing my comment about dynit proves you don’t know them really well. but that’s beyond the point. Anyway, they get out some good works sometimes, so I do hope this is one.

          We've never deleted a single comment. Please be aware that pressing "preview" does not post comments, you have to press confirm afterwards. If you would like to try posting your comment about Dynit again, please feel free to. I've heard from an Italian person I was talking to that Dynit as has pretty good TLs for Madoka☆Magika, so that is cool.

        159. permlink Apr 18, 06:47 PM
          naaaaah says:

          mmm, well, if you didn’t then it’s ok, sorry, but I did press confirm after the preview showed, and I did see the comment actually published, but a day after it vanished. Well, stuff just happens.
          let’s go tl;tr
          about dynit: as you may see from the IP, I’m .it too, I know dynit, and also their previous companies / even an alternative brand name, pratically from their start. Usually they license the best anime, but can’t manage to sell them as expected. Here the situation for anime is far worse than US. I pointed out that I wanted to wait till the end to see if they’ll do a good work, since I don’t trust them. Sometimes they do, but they have lots of fanboys, and about TLS… well, not that I’ll play in anything but jp, if I think of the Haruhi dub I might cry, or toradora. Translations are not .it forte.
          That’s why I became concerned about it, you guys did a pleasing v2, so reading “dynit” made me wonder if it’ll go well. Let’s hope so, after all it’ll be testing ground for my new boxset… ;)
          So, my best wishes for v3.

        160. permlink Apr 19, 07:07 AM
          kenshin says:

          You have a “distorted” vision of the italian market and/or you’re speaking with platitude. If you’re pleased with fansub translations, well, good for you. I guess that in that case you watch anime without supporting it in any way, even if you like the show. There are anyway plenty examples out there of wrong translations coming from fansubs (as a general rule, not referring to this group and this show in particular). You also say that translations are not .it forte… but compared to what? Other official products from other countries? Fansubs? Your knowledge of japanese language? In any case, I know that fansubs are free while official products costs money and speaking with the same commonplace as yours, I can say that between an illegal-but-free fansub and a legal-but-priced product, the italian consumer will always pick the free version, regardless of the true final quality. Cheers.
          BTW: since you’ve mentioned it, what are the dynit’s “previous companies” and “alternative brand name” that you know?

        161. permlink Apr 19, 09:07 AM
          naaaaah says:

          add “someone is wrong on the internet” meme here.
          tl;dr… vol2
          I speak of the .it market with more than 20 years of “experience”, man I feel old, both from a customer and seller-related point of view; I bought so many VHS and DVD (not many BD for now) that I have no more space for my clothes XD, as well as manga and stuff. I could add in the cinema and music but that’s not pertinent. I don’t use to listen to dubs at all, thanks God I know the 3 languages I need most beside .it, and I can go for the original track on anime and movies. Besides, .it translations are bad even for movies, like saying totally different stuff (but some times the voice actor are good, better than original, and some french movies get great translations, in the minute details, beats me. Sadly, japanese voice actors are unique). From fansub I expect fansub level, you can see some good and some bad works, both on script translation or even encode, but being fansub should be about something else right? who cares if they get it wrong sometimes?
          Even if most ppl just get the free stuff from inet and don’t think they’re killing it, I can say I don’t, and I have enough linguistic background to get when there are mistranslations (even junk food has so many of those). Did I say I was ok with fansub translation? Where?
          So, now that I (should have) hinted that I have knowegle and means, you should understand that I talk of what I know. Sorry if dynit is your hero, for me just a company, that I don’t trust.
          Oh, since you asked: you remember the times of granata press and then granata video? oh, the red VHS! remember the ceo? you know that before being dynit it was dynamic italia, part of that bigger dynamic planning right? Again the same guy… then they fire him, but the company didn’t go as expected. As of today, they license best anime, but their “store policy” is so irrational it backfires to them. Selling the stuff is all, and you can’t always blame o piracy. Respect for planned release date anywhere? And the stores? think they’re just there for sport? Well, if live here you should know most of this, just reading behind the covers, and magazines.
          In detail, I don’t like borked VHS, defective DVDs, overcompression, ads, and those are what I experienced. One of those red ones killed my player, but happens after all, shit can happen, right? but in my experience it’s mostly on them. There are worse companies in my eyes, and the one that have a conservative business policy doesn’t release so much, so it doesn’t count (Yamato). Dynit has a long way to recover from the past, and even if I don’t like them I’d like them to became better, even just for a matter of marketing (more companies, more anime), letting aside market saturation for the moment… I did forgot the name of the spinoff company, if you want I can search for it (ask to my contact @ store, it’s good to have those, not only for anime XD).
          How did you find Nagato Yuki voicing btw? My 60+ mom could do a better monotone expressionless voicing.
          Well, that’s what I get for trying it out. :P (not that we have that many voice actors for anime…, again it’s not japan)
          Now, I’ve 7ypo3d everywhere, but I won’t correct it more than this: it’s late, I still have work to do before tomorrow, I don’t get paid for this, I just felt like trying to answer you, even if I prefer talking, it’s faster, in my native language, and I can see who I’m talking to. Awww, and anime not even my main interest…
          [PS: you may wonder why, if I am “so competent” (irony/sarcasm @myself, there’s always someone better) I don’t work in the field: it’s because i have the policy of separating work and life as much as possible, as works means responsability and interests and hobbies (live) mustn’t connect to that. Worked out so far, I got the most out of both.]

        162. permlink Apr 19, 09:15 AM
          naaaaah says:

          Really sorry for the typos, I blame it on myself. tch

        163. permlink Apr 19, 12:28 PM
          kenshin says:

          Dynit is not my hero, but you’re referring to something happens 10 years ago. Infact, as far as I know, none of the people you’ve mentioned here, are actually working in/for dynit. When they changed the name (and not only that), they also changed the staff behind the company. Actual dynit respects the release date (rarely postpone the title, and when it happens, it’s within 1 week of delay). Watch and analyze Haruhi dvds (if you have) and you will see that the overcompression is not-existant. It’s almost 2+ years that dynit encode its dvds progressively and always at high bitrates while all the other pal-land distributors still do ugly ntsc-pal fieldblending conversion. Toradora is 100% encoded progressive while the original japanese disc is a mixture of interlaced/progressive contents. Sailormoon is better on dynit dvds than original toei dvds (it’s a fact, that lots of fansubber are using dynit dvds rather than japanese toei, even if japanese discs are easier to find). Titles like Gurren Lagann, Code Geass, Evangelion, Diebuster, Gundam (first series) and so on… are all fully progressive encoded on dvds and match or even surpass the original japanese discs. Madoka Magica here is no different. They’ve improved the original master, fixed/reduced the colorbanding problem leaving more detail left and encoded it in a better way than japanese (double layers bds/37 Mbps average bitrate using AVC codec). You seems angry for some reason with Dynamic Italia but keep in mind that Dynit is a completely different company with totally different people.

        164. permlink Apr 19, 10:27 PM
          naaaaah says:

          [trust is hard to build, easy to destroy]

          If you really do buy that changing a company name / opening a new one (in the exact field, sharing a patented logo), changing staff, … makes it a totally different one, CCIAA papers may enlight you.

          That aside, since it takes two fools to argue, I’ll leave it at this, think what you want, I don’t care.

        165. permlink Apr 23, 04:13 PM
          BabyfaceBenny says:

          Let’s all just agree that official subs and dubs tend to suck and buy them anyway, then watch this. Yes, they will continue to dish out crappy quality, but before going and stealing I think people need to arrange an organized movement of educating each other as to why the quality is bad, organizing a list of complaints and sending them out to the responsible parties en masse. If you’re not willing to be a part of that for the show that you love then you should not even begin to try and justify not supporting the official release (let it be known that I’m not questioning anyone’s integrity here). While it’s by no means an equivalent exchange, there’s plenty of merchandise to throw the cost of DVDs at and there are tons of people who wouldn’t even do that much and they still believe their opinion matters. You’ll never get a V2 of a dub, but you can make them start putting better people in charge in the future.

        166. permlink Apr 24, 12:46 PM
          1 says:

          Or just say screw localized releases and import your favorite shows straight from Japan. I own the Aniplex JP Madoka BDs (and many other shows) and don’t regret it one bit. Wonderful groups like tri4 exist to fill in the language gap. I haven’t bought an American release in years and am so much happier for it.

        167. permlink Apr 28, 09:46 AM
          Babyfacebenny says:


          Well yeah, you can buy’em straight from Japan, but that’s a little expensive for my taste (shipping, unnecesary number of volumes, ect), especially for something I can’t use (if there are even English subs they probably suck, right?) and has multiple cases falling all over the place. At least I can have fun mocking the job they produced with the English release.

        168. permlink Apr 29, 08:43 AM
          1 says:

          But I wouldn’t use the American release either, so “using” the actual physical disc is totally besides the point for me. In either case, it’s tri4’s fansubs I’d be watching.

        169. permlink Apr 29, 04:41 PM
          BabyfaceBenny says:

          Yeah, pretty much a moot point. By the way, why not come up with a silly name? Please, impress me here!

          @Tri4 Subbers
          Just curious, do you guys have any opinions to share on all of this (you don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to of course)?

          This is just the opinion of a single member of tri4 although it is likely we all share the same sentiment here at tri4 (as we have discussed pressing issues such as these before in our spare time): We prefer buying Japanese cartoons/television console games/personal computer games/comic books/novels/etc. in their country of original release.

          Also, although we appreciate all you guys' comments, you may want to continue this discussion in a different medium rather than in the comments section of this post. (As there is potential for this becoming an extremely long discussion and we would rather keep the comments here about tri4 releases.)

        170. permlink Apr 30, 02:01 PM
          Babyfacebenny says:

          Oh alright, sorry.

          Love you.~

        171. permlink Apr 30, 09:48 PM
          majo says:

          there should be a next page link, with 20 post messages per page.

        172. permlink May 8, 11:20 AM
          anonimo says:

          episode “notes” are intresting, what about making a single .pdf with all notes?

        173. permlink May 19, 05:19 PM
          okabe says:

          there should be a 720p encode for those like me without Blu-ray quality monitors.

        174. permlink May 27, 08:56 AM
          Shizuki says:

          Ah, mind if I leave some comments on Italian version and Japanese version?

          Well, from my vision, I think the JP one has more quality, because I could see the color gradient on ITA one and it is absolutely not what it’s call “better” quality. It’s only my opinion though. To use the original version, which is JP one, is the best. Madoka Magica is Japanese animation, not Italian animation. : )

        175. permlink Jun 10, 08:55 AM
          BabyfaceBenny says:

          Sorry to be a bother, but when is the TV version going to be put up?

          … You can delete this post if you want.

          It isn't a bother at all. We are the ones who should be sorry about the massive delay with this. Please feel free to ask any questions you'd like.

          Unfortunately I do not have a clear answer for you, though... We're putting all of our man power towards the game. Maybe if someone volunteered to clean up our TV episodes sitting here a bit, we could release them. Otherwise, it won't be until we find some free time to work on that - probably "after the game" like everything else.

        176. permlink Jun 14, 11:12 PM
          junh1024 says:

          Could you please include the italian 5.1 audio or have it an extra?

          I would like to make 5.1 audio versions of eng & jpn audio using the italian 5.1 audio.

          No, we won't include that. In fact, we may be doing something completely different from all this Italian BD business by re-encoding the JP BDs significantly differently, after gaining new insight in encoding. No, we're not suddenly going to filter everything because we "learned pro encoding techniques," but we may have worked something out that makes the 480p Inu Curry assets look pretty sweet. Details on that if it happens.

          Anyways, that's all up in the air still. We do have the IT BDs sitting here either way, so if you want, email us and we can get you the audio tracks. I'm interested in hearing the JP 5.1 audio you come up with just out of pure curiosity.

        177. permlink Jul 14, 10:18 AM
          Kaiki says:

          Hi, i would like to thank u all for deciding to pick madoka psp game and doing v3 for the bd, actually i came to like Urobuchi’s works so much recently and madoka is the only thing anime adapted show of him that i still didn’t watch, waiting patiently for v3 and thanks guys, ur very kewl in my book

          I'm glad you like Urobuchi's works, he really is a great writer, isn't he? Apart from Madoka, my favorite stories of his are Fate/zero and Kikokugai. Of course, I love Saya too, despite it being short. I haven't actually played Phantom yet, I'm waiting on the Xbox 360 remake.

          Thank you for your kind comments, but I regret to inform you that if you want to wait for the v3, you will be waiting awhile. Our v3 is not a v3 out of necessity - it is a v3 because we feel like making a v3 to improve things further. No matter how much you work on something, it can almost always be improved, and perfection should always be strived for. That is the kind of v3 it is.

          Therefore, unless you want to wait for a slow group like us to eventually get to a back-burner project, I would recommend watching our v2 batch, which again, was just an encode fix. I have updated the main post to contain some more recent information regarding the v3.

        178. permlink Jul 22, 07:04 PM
          Theodore William Casey says:

          Dear triforce,

          If you plan to continue on a v3 of MADOKA, I encourage you to look into reverse upscale technology to obtain the best possible encode. We have had resounding success at NP-Complete using a process originally developed by prunedtree.


          Also, it would be great if you made the subs not so stiff.


          Theodore William Casey
          Senior Vice President of Marketing

        179. permlink Jul 23, 03:00 PM
          gita says:

          It would be better if you didn’t spam here. Get out.

        180. permlink Jul 24, 08:19 AM
          Theodore William Casey says:


          Pardon me, but I thought members of triforce would be interested in learning about the latest state-of-art encoding technology developed at NP-Complete, particularly as the article states that they have been “re-encoding again and again” for the best results.

          Anyhow, if any members of triforce are reading this and interested, we at NP-Complete would be glad to assist you with any transaction details.


          Theodore William Casey
          Senior Vice President of Marketing

        181. permlink Jul 30, 12:52 AM
          Progeusz says:

          0:24 – After forming a contract with Kyubey, I’m a magical girl! <- tense mistake…
          6:56 – “trespas” <- needs another s
          Not sure if there was anything later, I got too absorbed and watched whole series in one go.
          Oh, one more thing – it would be nice if fonts in karaoke were readable. Currently I need to concentrate all of my attention on the subs to read them even though I have no such problems when watching anime 97% of the time. Pink font on pink background is very bad choice, so is small, thin and artsy italics font. These aren’t huge things but fixing them shouldn’t be too much of a trouble and they would certainly improve viewing experience.

          Anyways, thank you very much for subbing Madoka! I’m planning on watching it with commentary soon, can’t wait to hear Yuuki Aoi <3.

          Thank you very much for the error reports, but I'm not sure why you only see 1 "s" on that trespass, maybe you should look again. As for the tense mistake, we'll review that line for our next revision.

          As for the OP/ED fonts, the ED font will likely change completely in the next revision. The OP font ♡Isn't♡Going♡Anywhere♡ though, sorry. Thanks again for the input, and I fixed the end of your comment for you.

        182. permlink Aug 5, 09:01 PM
          QlShdR says:

          Regarding messed up menus and scrambled text with weird characters: it’s like that for me too, though not with every episode, “just” ep 3-8 and ep 12 .

          It’s not just a MPC-HC “feature” (I tried with x86 version, so it’s not the 64 bit version’s error), KMPlayer ( ver. KMP Plus – my regular choice) is like that too.
          I use CoreAVC Professional Edition v3.0.1.0.

          7 out of 12 episodes presents text errors in menus and headlines.

          My OS is Win7 Ultimate x86.

          Any solution or possible fix in v3’s?

          Could you provide screenshots? Sorry, but we aren't really sure what you're referring to. In any case, a fair bit of TS will change in the v3, but I'd like to stress that the v3 is a far-off conversation. We don't really view it as a necessity, since there aren't a lot of major problems, but we just want to keep working on the series. So anyways, screenshots would help me know what you're talking about.

        183. permlink Aug 6, 02:50 AM
          QlShdR says:

          Regarding the problem, here’s a pic about KMPlayer:


          and MPC-HC:


          As I mentioned, ep 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 12 are like that. The subtitles are ok.

          This must be something in the v2s, hence the v1s were fine.

        184. permlink Aug 21, 01:51 AM
          Anonymous says:

          For v3, please use 16 bit FLAC instead of 24 bit. 24 bit is useless waste of space and bandwidth, see website, click my name.


        185. permlink Oct 10, 01:18 PM

          If you are using the italian BD, would it be possible to include the Italian dub as well? Furthermore, I’d like to ask the same question for a possible German dub. Otherwise I’ll do it myself. ;)

        186. permlink Oct 10, 02:17 PM
          2312312 says:

          See http://tri4.net/subs/articles/14/mahou-shoujo-madoka-magika#c000295

        187. permlink Oct 11, 01:55 AM

          Thanks. Now I even remember reading this comment, I just forgot ^^

        188. permlink Oct 12, 08:17 AM
          Chortos‑2 says:

          Re: staff’s reply to 184

          > https://www.google.com/search?q=24bit+audio+depth

          Exactly. The article the anon linked to appears on the first page. You didn’t actually read it, did you? Here’s a summary: record and process in 24-bit, publish in 16-bit. Note how the other Google results on the first page discuss just the recording part.

          That said, the perfectionist inside me is complaining about the lossiness of a 16-bit release made from a 24-bit source. He claims he imagines a situation where someone downloads fansubs and proceeds to perform crazy filtering on the audio stream… perhaps for an AMV or some sort of unofficial remix.

          All in all, I’m personally undecided on this issue, but the anon has a very good point that shouldn’t be dismissed with a simple ‘no’ and a link that only serves to support the anon.

          I apologize for the last response, as it was not thought out very well and you are right, we did not read all of the results. That's because we are not willing to re-encode the audio to a lower bitrate just to save some space anyways. We are not particularly space conscious. If the original audio is 24-bit we will do 24-bit. It's that simple.

        189. permlink Dec 5, 06:36 PM
          Hameru says:


          Tryfur pls

        190. permlink Jan 15, 08:29 AM
          NoName says:

          is there some other way to download? The torrent seems pretty dead.

        191. permlink Jan 22, 09:14 AM
          Babyfacebenny says:

          Heeeey… I know this is, like, totally obnoxious and stuff, and you already threw it out there that asking about this was a big ol’ taboo, but uh… I redownloaded the video player you guys recommended before (150) after fixing my computer and It just simply isn’t running properly. Pink distortion and whatnot. I have no idea why since I followed all the instructions from before. So, uh… Is there some kind of common problem I may be facing?

        192. permlink Jun 14, 12:11 AM
          chibizelda says:

          Hi, I’m an (otaku) Italian student, I am writing a thesis on fansubbing and wanted to put some example of translation in English directly from Japanese source.
          Just a quick question, how do you translate your subs? Do you have closed captions, scripts or just do it by listening? Can I put the name of your group inside my work? _ Thank you and sorry for my bad English :P

          I make use of all three methods, but if I do it by ear, I generally create my own transcription. The exceptions to this are things like audio commentary and radio, where seiyuu are speaking out-of-character; it's simply too much work to transcribe it all, there's way too much dialogue.

          The easiest way to translate is definitely by having closed captions, or a well-developed wiki with multiple users who care. A single person transcribing speech, or even worse, just listening... those methods almost always end up with a couple errors over the course of an entire series.

          I don't really care if you put the name tri4 anywhere.

        193. permlink Jul 5, 12:01 PM
          Poorfag-chain says:

          When you niggas gonna do the superior TV version?

        194. permlink May 20, 06:17 PM
          DO☆GE☆ZA says:

          Hello, just wanted to say I’m ecstatic to hear about your v3, and that somebody’s been putting this much effort into making the best possible encode of madomagi. Thanks for all your hard work! I had just tried a raw and was very disappointed with all the video errors, probably from from the BDs themselves, and it’s great there’s an attempt to fix all that.

          I also was going to try a release that encoded from the Italian BDs, but it replaced the theme credits with an English version, so it’s great that you’ll use original credits if you go that direction for the v3.

          For now I think I’ll try your v2, which I figure will already be a big improvement on what I have, and I’ll be patiently waiting for when you finish the v3. You’re doing great work!

        195. permlink Jun 1, 03:43 AM
          Kouryu says:

          Honestly, I’m really shocked at just how many extras have you packed into this release. You even translated the Japanese commentary, something that no other groups have done before! And for that, I would seriously worship you! ___

          So, for the v3 of your releases, will you also include the English dub track for this? It doesn’t matter if you don’t, though, since you’re still awesome!

          We appreciate the kind comments of you and DO☆GE☆ZA above, but unfortunately v3 will likely never happen unless someone suitable were to appear and pick up the torch (the chances of this are basically zero).

          We really enjoyed translating madomagi, and it was refreshing to find that there are people out there who care about faithfulness to the source material, rather than happily consuming the dumbed down scripts put out by most translators. Unfortunately as our skill in translation grew, so did the time consumed by it. Our standards kept raising until they eventually hit a level where we never felt satisfied releasing anything at all; it was always "too unfaithful" or "feels localized" unless supplemented by ridiculous notes. It is the natural course of our mindset, which requires more dedication than we ended up having.

          While it is a shame that we are unable to continue working on Madoka, or even other series, I am happy with our current presentation of the TV series, which is my personal favorite thing to come out of Madoka so far. The v3 would have mainly existed to fix the two typos in the scripts, as well as add another track as a literal analysis option. These would be polish and extras in a release that I feel is already polished and packed full of extras. Anyone looking for the most accurate script or complete package needs not look any further than our v2.

          As a final note I will say, if you are serious about Japanese animation or games, I cannot recommend learning Japanese enough. Look up how to write in Hiragana and Katakana, start there. Do a few vocabulary words a day. Supplement your learning with immersion - play games in Japanese, or watch anime with subs off (or even using Japanese closed captions). Try your own hand at translation - do a simple 4koma translation every other day. Even at a fairly casual pace, you will be far enough along in a couple years to comprehend most of the media you want to, and from there learning new words or characters will come naturally. It has already been 3 and a half years since Madoka aired. At a rate of only 1 Kanji per day, you would know roughly 1200 characters if you started then, and today you'd be close to full comprehension. But hey, good of time as any to start now.

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