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        Our Approach

        We are a fansub group that embraces the “fan” part of fansubbing. We are not “professional” translators, and thus do not purposefully do liberal translations to try to appeal to a wider audience. Thus, we do our best to keep our translations unlocalized.

        We make a point of trying to maintain Japanese idioms and such while trying to make the English smooth and flowing. And we believe this is what it means to be a fansubber—to leave the original work as untouched as reasonably possible.

        We do this for ourselves, and for other fans who truly enjoy Japanese cartoons in their original form. But above all, we do it out of respect for the work and its original creators.

        One more thing: We are slow. But we aim to put out high quality, “archive quality” subs with which we are satisfied. Although we are ultimately doing these subs for ourselves, we think that some people out there might end up enjoying our translation style.

        Also, we will never release anything that includes karaoke, and we only translate directly from Japanese sources (no translations of translations).

        Our Justifications

        We admit, unlocalized translation that attempts to reflect Japanese speech patterns, idioms, et cetera may be difficult for new viewers of Japanese cartoons to understand. However, our opinion is that this is a necessary “evil” and is better in the long-run: by having to constantly put effort into understanding faithful/literal translations, new viewers will gradually learn more about Japan and how the language works.

        Although learning about Japan and Japanese speech/language structure is likely a low priority for many viewers, this does not change the fact that they are watching Japanese cartoons. Some amount of understanding of the Japanese culture and language should be a pre-requisite anyway for watching Japanese cartoons.

        So don’t complain to us if you don’t like our subtitling style. There are plenty of other groups out there that do localized translations. We’re for the more serious fans.

        Our Members

        Three people comprise our core.

        Contacting Us

        We do not have contact information. But if you somehow know who we are, all you have to do is talk to us on IRC.

        If you don’t like us or what we do, we have a message for you:

        “[We] do as [we] please.”

        — Javad K.
        (no, he's not a member of tri4)

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