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      1. Pokemon White // ポケモン・ホワイト Badge #04

        Last updated 23rd February, 2012 (2:11 AM)


        Badge #004: ボルトバッジ (Bolt Badge)

        Hey hey, right now, where are yooou?

        Been awhile! After leaving Hiun City, you immediately get stopped by Bel♥. Battling her was fun, and her monologue afterwards as really cute. I think I’ll post all of it.

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      3. Pokemon White // ポケモン・ホワイト Badge #03

        Last updated 8th December, 2011 (10:47 PM)


        Badge #003: ビートルバッジ (Beetle Badge)

        I fixed my graphical errors. I was using the wrong “Shadow Curing” AR code; I was kinda wondering why my shadows weren’t cured at all (lol). Game looks 100% proper now (above is SS that shows proper tree/bush lines + building shadows), so I’m pretty happy about that. Might retake those SS from that cool area in Sanyo City.

        Anyways, Bel!

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      5. Pokemon White // ポケモン・ホワイト Badge #02

        Last updated 8th December, 2011 (10:47 PM)


        Badge #002: ベーシックバッジ (Basic Badge)

        Aww butts, as I was backtracking to check out places to cut with HM01, I found some shaking grass. Getto daze. タブンネ are kinda cute, but also kinda derpy. That only adds to their charm, though. Was worth going back for that Super Ball and Nice Potion.

        Btw, I forgot to do it earlier, so here are proper screens of Touko’s fine shorts & おしり(BUTT):

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      7. Pokemon White // ポケモン・ホワイト Badge #01

        Last updated 8th December, 2011 (10:47 PM)

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        Badge #001: トライバッジ (Tri Badge)

        あたし って サイコウ♪! (I’m the best ♪!)

        I’ve already played Pokemon White a little bit before, on a legit copy. I got as far as the third badge, but switched to emulator because I wanted to start taking screenshots and stuff; so I started over.

        I also hacked in my own starter pokemon, because screw the starters. I will be using this Pokemon throughout most of the game. It’s a ピッピ(Pippi/Clefariy) named ののワ(Nonowa).

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      9. Pokemon White no$gba setup tips

        Last updated 8th December, 2011 (10:47 PM)


        Setting up no$gba so I could begin my Pokemon adventure was actually a bit of a hassle. My requirements were; fraps-able (screw other recording applications), pokesav-able, no AP/etc (obviously), and no major graphical glitches. I also had an intent to switch between an emulator and my DS often… but with the various save converters on the net, that’s easy.

        Anyways, to save myself trouble in the future, I mirrored/slightly tweaked a no$gba package that I found on some forum. Slightly tweaked means I changed some of the ini settings; the package I originally found had a few undesirable values. Like, if you can’t get Pokesav to open up your no$gba save files, it’s probably because they’re compressed. In NO$GBA.INI, set:

        SAV/SNA File Format == Raw

        By the way, before messing with no$gba.ini, I’d recommend deleting the file, opening no$gba, setting some random option that you want set, and saving to generate a new INI.

        That package comes with no$zoomer which is cool, it does a lot of crap to make no$gba suck less, and also allows for openGL/directx rendering, so fraps just works. But, fraps was hooking itself onto the bottom screen of no$zoomer, and wouldn’t let go; I couldn’t cap from the top screen at all. The fix for this was pretty simple, there’s a setting under “View” for “Separate Window”, which detaches the top/bottom DS screens from each other. Then, fraps will just hook onto whichever you have in focus. I don’t particularly care about capping from the bottom screen, maybe in another game, but for Pokemon it’s actually saving me the trouble of cropping images/video with imagemagick/avisynth scripts, so I was pretty happy.

        Next up is this issue:

        「データを よめませんでした
        でんげんを きって
        カードを さしこみなおしてください」

        Can’t read the data.
        Please cut the power, and insert a card(cart).

        Well, for these kinds of errors, Google-sensei widely tells you to change the “NDS-Cartridge Backup Media” no$gba option, until you find one that works for your game (which btw, I believe will normally be FLASH 512KBytes). Except that didn’t do anything for my Pokemon White ROM, so I had to search a bit. I found a 2channel thread that posted some AR code which fixed everything:

        Action Replay DS Cheat, enter RAW
        52004EA0 E8BD01F0
        02001800 E92D4008
        02001804 E3A00000
        02001808 E3A0150E
        0200180C E2811A06
        02001810 E5810B44
        02001814 EA5FE9F2
        02001818 E59F4034
        0200181C E59F5034
        02001820 E5845000
        02001824 E59F4020
        02001828 E5945000
        0200182C E59F601C
        02001830 E1550006
        02001834 03A05001
        02001838 05C4500A
        0200183C 03A05000
        02001840 E1445DB4
        02001844 E8BD01F0
        02001848 EA000D95
        0200184C 02180C80
        02001850 28AAFF1F
        02001854 037FBFE0
        02001858 EAA01606
        02004EA0 EAFFF25C
        D0000000 00000000

        With this activated, the game seems to boot, save, and load just fine.
        By the way, this code is for (J) version of the game. Specifically, the ROM I’m using is “5215 – Pokemon – White (DSi Enhanced) (J).nds”.
        I don’t really know/care about other versions of the game, so I’ll just post that one. Alongside it was a code for “curing shadows” (it disables 3D edge marking);

        Action Replay DS Cheat, enter RAW
        521892A8 43082020
        221892A8 00000010
        D2000000 00000000


        Sound was actually a bit of an issue; I was getting madness annoying slight static background-noise. This ended up being because “options -> volume” was set to like 20%; if you set it to 100% (and turn down no$gba’s volume in mixer a bit), it sounds fine. I never got Save States to work, but I don’t really care about those.

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