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      1. Pokemon White // ポケモン・ホワイト Badge #02

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        Badge #002: ベーシックバッジ (Basic Badge)

        Aww butts, as I was backtracking to check out places to cut with HM01, I found some shaking grass. Getto daze. タブンネ are kinda cute, but also kinda derpy. That only adds to their charm, though. Was worth going back for that Super Ball and Nice Potion.

        Btw, I forgot to do it earlier, so here are proper screens of Touko’s fine shorts & おしり(BUTT):

        Also, it occurred to me that Touko does a のヮの when she gets items:

        Well, I decided to go to the 夢の跡地 where I got a バオップ. Guess I was supposed to come here before doing the gym that forced me to fight a leaf Pokemon. Oh well, Pippi was my Pokemon in shining armor ♥.

        Bel! She says a lot of stuff, but I don’t feel like posting or TL’ing full thing, so only the cute parts:

        Hey, hey! Somehow, didn’t you hear sounds coming from the other side of the wall!? Hey hey, let’s go see!

        We found the ムンナ, but it began to run away.

        Ah, waaait!

        Plasma Dan came and started saying a bunch of nonsense. They also began to kick the Munna, which Bel wasn’t all that thrilled about.

        Hold it! Whooo are you guys? What’re you doing!?
        Plasma Dan: We’re here to get some Dream’s Fumes, blahblah good for the sake of Pokemon blahblah.

        For the sake of Dream’s Fumes, you’d kick a Pokemon? Horrible! Why? You guys are trainers too, right?

        Ehhh! Help ckx!

        Gladly, so I kicked their butts. Anyways, after this event, the area was over with for now.

        Getto Daze’d: ムンナ

        3ban Douro starts off pretty good, throwing you to the Pokemon daycare, which doubles as a preschool. That means, cute sprites and dialogue are inevitable.

        She kinda reminds me of Ako-nee from Kiss x Sis.

        Trainer-san is a little too shtrong!

        Twin 1: We persevere to join our powers together, so please watch!
        Twin 2: Umm, okay… 1 plus 1 is 2, you know!

        Kumi: Whaan! Pokemon-san, try more hard!
        Rumi: Arerere? Pokemon-san has become energy-less…

        I might be tripping some balls, but I believe that in localized version, these trainers were called “Ami and Mami”. Taking their sprites into account too, I thought it was an im@s reference, but I guess the JP has different names… I feel robbed. btw, twin sprites are really cute… I think my favorite is HGSS. Anyways, In the preschool building, there’s also a cute NPC that says 「あたくし」。

        After walking west a bit, a scene played where Bel was chasing after some Plasma Dan d00ds. Bel was accompanied by a little girl. I was pressing the wrong key to take SS throughout, but there was cute dialogue in it. Oh well. Basically Plasma Dan stole the girl’s Pokemon, so Cheren (oh yeah, he was there, I just kicked his butt) went to chase after them. I’ll go at my-pace, though.

        Little girl: … Why do they take people’s Pokemon? …

        Damn, the conversation was pretty good, but it’s been awhile since I’ve saved, so I won’t reload for it.

        Looks like the end of 3ban Douro, perhaps the besticles Route in the game.

        Getto Daze’d: シママ, マメバト

        Cheren and I completely destroyed Plasma Dan scrubs, little girl and Bel were grateful:

        ckx, thank you truly, ne! You two were able to recover the Pokemon, you know. I’m truly happy I’m friends with ckx and the others!

        Onee-chan, thank you!! As thanks, I will give you this.

        It was a heal ball. I will be sure to never use any heal balls, ever. It might be the one she gave me. Actually wait, there’s still item storage, right? If so I’ll throw this heal ball in there immediately, so that it is forever safe. They need like, instead of 3DS and crap like that, they need DS that can emit aroma, I want to smell this heal ball.

        See you ckx, bye-bye!
        Bye-bye Bel!

        In 地下水脈の穴 (which btw is an area with nice BGM), there is one Pokemon I’d like to point out as looking exceedingly retarded.

        That is コロモリ(Koromori/Woobat). I say it looks retarded, but the more I look at it, the more cute it looks. Especially its anime depiction. I think it needs cuter wings. Reminds me of that YGO monster that used to be the butt of a lot of nico jokes; damn I can’t remember the little furball’s name. Kuwa-something? Well, whatever. I remembered! Kuribo.

        Aww snap, just as I was leaving the underground water passage thingy, BAM:

        Time to repel up.

        I came just a little close. Freakin’ crits.

        Getto Daze’d: コロモリ, ダンゴロ, モグリュー

        I got a Tabunne and a Moguryuu without even looking for them. Is that luck, or are special tiles just less rare than I had imagined? Guess I should assume the latter.

        3ban Douro had a path south that opened up, and there was a cute trainer sprite.

        Also, a cool looking bridge.

        Finally, at the end of the route, was the toughest trainer battle that I’ve experienced yet;

        My Pippi doesn’t know anything except はたく(Pound) yet, so these fools that constantly sand attack, defense up, and have a resistance to normal attacks, are annoying. I’m pretty sure it’s against the law for human players to use potions, so I used sing and encore.

        Also, this person called me a maniac ;_;


        He smelled bad.

        Delicious Water count: 2

        Ufufu! Too bad!

        All right, time to destroy her!

        This thing shut me down so hard. Stupid ミルホッグ would one shot Nonowa with けたぐり(Low kick). He doesn’t even look cute; tard as hell, in fact. I was completely had. This gym was destroying me, even the hurrdurr of hers would do considerable damage to my poor Pippi… I wiped three times…

        But then, I gained insight. After overcoming the other trainers of the gym, Nonowa was up to level 21, and would learn めざましビンタ(Wake-up Slap) next level! So I headed to the “outer” ヤグルマの森 area.

        Amazing, amazing! There is such an upbringing, you know!

        Ara, no… [You’re] extremely sturdy, you know!

        I got lucky and found one of these in the light grass. In my previous play-through, I only found one in dark grass, and it destroyed me at level 17; they can freaking hurt, and they hate staying inside super balls. I know the game design is trying to tell you “Use this pokemon in the normal-type gym to dominate”, but I’ll stick to my Pippi until I can get Churine.

        Getto Daze’d: ドッコラー, オタマロ, ナゲキ

        Let’s try again!



        One-slap, two-slap. The Miruhoggu was still hard, though; faster than me and put me to sleep, twice. Dang, man.


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