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      1. 【Mado☆Magi PSP】 List of Errors

        Last updated 26th March, 2012 (9:40 PM)


        I’m going to put opinions against nitpicky writing aside (like the whole “entire cast overhears nurses near the hospital on Madoka route to find out essential plot points” thing) and just focus on actual consistency errors in the game.

        Mami Route

        A different middle school from Madoka-tachi

        In Mami-san’s prologue, it clearly says she goes to a different middle school during the “few years ago” part. But… she’s still wearing Mitakihara’s seifuku the whole time.

        Several years ago – Day05 Yuu01:

        From my hand, a ribbon…!

        I… I gave her help?

        Mami-san is not henshin’d, but she still uses her ribbon’s power. In fact, the scene after this is about her getting the courage to henshin into mahou shoujo for the first time. Mami-san can’t use her ribbon without transforming first, as seen in ep2. The only time a mahou shoujo has ever used their power without transforming first was Kyouko in episode 8, her impulse spear.

        Day 1 Yoru:

        That’s right. I helped Eimii…

        This route takes place on timeline 1. So does the first drama CD, “memories of you.” In that CD, Madoka says:

        I became a magical girl to help a cat…{猫を助けるために魔法少女になった}
        What am I saying, I think Mami-san would scold me…{なんて言ったら、マミさんに叱られちゃうかな}

        According to the drama CD, Madoka probably never told Mami-san about Eimii in timeline 1.

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