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      1. A Quick Analysis of Sakura Kyouko

        Last updated 13th December, 2011 (5:15 AM)


        This brief article is written in response to “RLinksoul” on the MyAnimeList forums, who obviously does not understand a single thing about the deep relationship between Sakura Kyouko-tan and Miki Sayaka.

        RLinksoul’s believes that Sakura Kyouko’s death (timeline 5) was a “waste”, quote:

        “Kyouko Sakura blew herself up for the sake of a girl she met one week ago. As for her Soul Gem being tainted, where was that Grief Seed Homura tried to give to Sayaka? Not to mention Kyouko left Homura to deal with the Walpurgis alone. Seeing Homura roast Witch-Sayaka in episode 10 made this senseless sacrifice all the more jarring.”

        As you can see he is a confused, misinformed individual that actually doesn’t understand shit about anything. The problem is that this little turdfaggot isn’t alone in his thoughts of Kyouko being a “wasted” character, so let me fucking spell it out you stupid little shits FUCK I’m so fucking mad right now. I won’t even go into anything from extra material, just stuff covered in the TV series.

        The relationship begins in the episode 5 part B (battle between Kyouko and Sayaka). In this fight, Kyouko clearly outskills Sayaka after provoking her. However, Sayaka put up a decent fight, constantly rising to her feet after getting beaten down, saying things such as 「負けない・・・負けるもんかぁ!」 (“I won’t lose… you think I’d lose!?”) which leaves a lasting impression on Kyouko, as evident by one of Kyouko’s quotes in episode 9: 「あの時アタシがもっとぶちのめしても、アンタは立ち上がってきたじゃんかよ」 (“At that time, even if I had beaten you up more, you would have just stood up again, huh?”).

        Now you might be wondering what connection this has to Sayaka’s importance to Kyouko, but only if you’re retarded. You see, in episode 6 B part (bridge scene), Kyouko had a bit of an awakening. If you’re not a dullard, you should quickly notice that Kyouko was genuinely a bit concerned about Sayaka’s death there – and a little bit shaken up about learning where her soul was. It made something in her click – a gear shifted into place that was dislodged at one point – she realized that she had lost her way in life. She had completely forgotten herself.

        「そういうもんじゃん?最後に愛と勇気が勝つストーリー、ってのは。アタシだって、考えてみたらそういうのに憧れて魔法少女になったんだよね。すっかり忘れてたけど、さやかはそれを思い出させてくれた。」 There’s stuff like that, right? You know, stories where love and courage are victorious in the end. Even for me, if I think about it, I aspired to be that kind of magical girl, y’know. I had completely forgotten, but… Sayaka reminded me of that.)

        To say that Kyouko sacrificed herself for Sayaka is only half true – she wasn’t just looking to help Sayaka, but also to find her OWN justice which she lost at some point. Her prayer destroyed her family – her entire family, including little sister, killed by her own wish. After that she shut herself away and became a hardened, independent, and strong individual. She cared about nothing but scraping by; putting on a tough guy facade just so she could bear to live with herself.

        Sayaka’s strong beliefs in herself – going as far as to refuse Kyouko’s offers of peace (and alliance) – really woke up the old side of Kyouko. Sayaka definitely stuck to her guns, she didn’t budge for anyone or anything, and while that ultimately lead to her ruin, that just hit Kyouko’s soft spot even harder, honestly. Kyouko owed finding herself again to Sayaka. In a way, you could say that Sayaka actually saved Kyouko.

        Furthermore, to add to the pressure of losing herself… Kyouko had just recently found out that mahou shoujo become witches – she will transform into what she’s battled this whole time. This is an inescapable fate, an endless cycle; you can only continue hunting other witches (which you now know used to be mahou shoujo, similar to yourself) to purify your Soul Gem… for the rest of your existence. There is no point in leading that life. You aren’t fighting for justice – you’re only trampling on other girls similar to yourself who have already fallen to despair.

        The prospect of turning into a witch really bugged Kyouko. Didn’t you notice the cuts in episode 9 (A part) where Kyouko was truly agitated as Homura was talking about the subject? It wasn’t just out of sympathy for Madoka. They threw a few Kyouko cuts in there that clearly showed she wasn’t very fond of this ordeal in general. The whole concept of becoming a witch is such an unpleasant thing to mahou shoujo that it’s what the series ended up ultimately being about. Madoka’s prayer was to erase witches, to take on the negative karma that witches balanced out herself… to spend all of eternity in that agony… just so that other mahou shoujo didn’t have their prayers end in despair. This ALSO means that Kyouko is saving Sayaka from being a witch – Sayaka doesn’t want to be a witch, so she’s ending Sayaka’s despair, too.

        Kyouko and Sayaka both have complexes about being alone. Sayaka thought “My love interest doesn’t love me back, so I’m doomed to be alone.” Kyouko’s complex is “I made a bad decision and my family killed themselves. I’m doomed to be alone, and because of my actions, I should be alone.” Btw listen to the song and I’m home someday, seriously.

        She did actually care for Sayaka specifically, too. I’ve already pointed out the obvious fact that Sayaka reminded Kyouko of who Kyouko wanted to be – that Sayaka’s strong sense of personal justice (rewatch the ep7 conversation, seriously) really touched Kyouko – Kyouko, a girl who was alone in a lost world, was pulled up out of the depths of darkness by Sayaka’s perseverance.

        Do you have any idea how much that would mean to you in Kyouko’s situation? Do you have any idea how much of an impact that’d have? Think about Kyouko’s life at that point; the fuck does she have to lose? 「アンタ、信じてるって言ってたじゃないか!この力で、人を幸せにできるって!頼むよ神様・・・こんな人生だったんだ。せめて一度ぐらい、幸せな夢を見させて」 (“Didn’t you say you believed!? With this power, you could bring people happiness! I beg you, God… I’ve had a life such as this… At least once, let me see a happy dream…”)

        She really did harbor some hope that maybe, just maybe, she could save Sayaka. After reaching Octavia, She found it was hopeless. She found that her idea, her dream, wasn’t going well. Her time spent dragging around and preserving Sayaka’s corpse was in vain. She was at the end of her rope. She just wanted to give Sayaka some escape from her fate of being a witch, and end it there. Look at her face in her sacrifice scene.

        That is a look of compassion. That is a look of love. It isn’t a look of “Welp, my Soul Gem needs to be cleansed and I’m outta Grief Seeds, so I guess I’ll blow myself up now.” That is not a look of “This girl I met a week ago was kinda cool, here I go I guess.” That isn’t what happened. He mentioned Walpurgis? You think she gives a fuck about that? Seriously? And the mention of ep10 timeline 3, I don’t even see how that’s relevant uhh… at all. Homura sure did kill Octavia, and then before anything even happened with Kyouko (She did curse about Sayaka death for a second), she got shot by Mami-san, so….?????

        「その子を頼む。」 (“I entrust that girl to you.”)
        「アタシのバカに付き合わせちまった。」 (“I made her go along with my idiocy.”)
        「足手まといを連れたまま戦わない主義だろ?」 (“It’s a principle of yours not to fight alongside those who’ll get in your way, right?”)
        「いいんだよ、それが正解さ。」 (“It’s fine. That’s the correct choice, y’know.”)
        「ただ一つだけ、守りたいものを最後まで守り通せばいい」 (“It’s enough to simply protect the single thing that you want to protect until the very end.”)
        「何だかなぁ。アタシだって今までずっとそうしてきたはずだったのに・・・」 (“Somehow, y’know… Even though I should have always been doing that up until now…”)
        「行きな」 (“Go.”)
        「コイツはアタシが引き受ける」 (“I’ll take on the responsibility for this one.”)
        「心配すんなよさやか」 (“Don’t worry, Sayaka.”)
        「一人ぼっちは…寂しいもんな。」 (“Being by yourself… is lonely, isn’t it?”)
        「いいよ」 (“It’s fine.”)
        「一緒にいてやるよ。」 (“Let’s go together…”)
        「さやか」 (“Sayaka.”)

        DISCLAIMER: This is all really obvious basics regarding Sakura Kyouko’s character. It’s not an indepth analysis, maybe I’ll write one, but that’d take a lot longer than an hour one night. Maybe I’ll just use as a bit of an introductory basis to that.

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